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  1. I think Aegean theater including Eastern mediterranean (Greece - Italy) would be a very good idea
  2. joojoo


    I just repaired before flying the mission, I attach the miz file Template_Hama_Airbase A.miz
  3. joojoo


    Any known issues about the current open beta version? it crushes every single time during the mission
  4. Thanx for the reply, direction of the wind makes any sense?
  5. hey to all how can i achieve pitching deck conditions? Thanx
  6. Hey to all, how can I create pitching deck conditions? Thanx
  7. Hey to all Is there any command for the rudder of the helo? I can only bind in axes but not in switches. Any idea?
  8. hey to all I tried some ACLS approaches but receiving no DATA in my hud and DDI, I changed the frequency from 336.0 to 345.0 in mE. any idea?
  9. joojoo


    @Frederf many thanks, the same applies for the hornet as well?
  10. Hey to all I would like to ask if Gaza Strip illustrated on Syria map or not Thanx
  11. joojoo


    Hey to all Does anybody knows the push to talk commands in order to bind them? I try to tune my radios but nothing happens, Thanx
  12. joojoo


    @Kang thanx a lot
  13. joojoo


    Hey to all Does anyone knows what are the commands for push to talk VHF and UHF? I try to communicate via the / key in right sequences in the air but I cannot tune anyone and the menu does not appear in my right up corner. II can only tune when I am on ground, so I suppose that I must map my push to talk commands. Thanx
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