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  1. This is not what might pilot to consider, is about simulating the proper FLCS response. Good thing that we`ve seen here is not "Correct as is" , because we know the G-onset issue was marked as "Correct as is" Thanks for the team, they did a good job, but it`s not done yet.
  2. would be good to see some basic internal instrumentation work.....We know it has good exterior work.
  3. It`s not the question people are asking in this thread.
  4. which one has the internal guns ? we gonna need that for sure.
  5. This is not the attitude when you talking to the person who trying to help you. As a customer support person. I have done my job, and this is the first and last time I reply to this person.
  6. My question will be. Is the lagging that big ? Big enough to force the pilot TMS down and re-attempt to lock it up again ?
  7. Go up high and try 2 circle. F14 is known for good performance in 1 circle(and 2 circle in lower alt). you can`t fight it in lower altitude. Just matter of time, he will get behind you. F16 is somewhat crippled right now. Actually any other 3rd Gen aircraft can have advantage in 2 circle or 1 circle fighting F16 right now. I`d suggest you change aircraft for now if you want to do BFM. When the F16 flight performance review has been done. then re-train in F16.
  8. I concur with your assessment. It is frustrating. We have gone through this conversation with Nineline and other guys, they said they will look into it.I remember last conversation was about the Instantaneous turn rate or G-acceleration. Thread was closed by admin, marked W.I.P Hopefully, After 2.7, F-18 move out from EA, they can shift focus to Viper.
  9. capable player with Su-27 can S key it and out radius everything. Zoom up play the energy game is the only way to deal it. Your basic assessment are correct, F16 currently only playable in same type bfm fight. Anything twin engined involves DACT, F16 losses. (Can't say about JF-17 and M2000. Didn't fight against them in pvp alot with F16.)
  10. as a beta test member, I touch it more times than you can possibly think of. Do not quote a game manual for this kind of discussion please. If you do, make sure you actually know what is the manual talking about. To put to end of this. That last thing I want to hear is "IT MIGHT" As always. You believe what you want to believe. like some other people still believe earth is flat. Enough with this guy. moving alone.
  11. If it`s not mention in any manual. Then your statment of "FBW has a refuling mode" will be considered as a bogus statment. You believe what you want to believe. But we have F16 SME here and actual FBW FLCS diagram for reference. I think we are pretty sure who`s telling the turth.
  12. There is no refueling mode in the FBW. If you think there is a such mode, please point it out on which manual and where it talks about it.
  13. "Centrifuge qual requires a continuous 30 second G strain. Starts at 9G, drops to 3G, jumps back up to 9G, drops to 3G and then goes up to 9G again until the end. It's hellish, but 9Gs in the fuge feels different than 9Gs in a jet. The last ramp is 10 seconds of 9G and you must stay conscious without losing vision to pass." This is from a F16 guy in USAF.
  14. Yes. We had long discussion with Nick on the othre post. He said WAGS was with his friend who is Viper pilot with some 4000 hours flight time. Says the Viper FM was accurate. But we didn`t know how they were verifying this, they didn`t provide any details afterwards. Well viper still in EA stage right ? At least the FLCS could use some update for sure.
  15. proves nothing, we had this discussion hundreds of times already, in DCS, a hornet driver who knows how to fight (with or without paddle switch), will almost win every rate fight with Viper right now. Viper`s only chance will be zoom up to higer alt try to force a head on shot. For this thread: Maybe it`s not about the viper`s performance problem. If ED`s statment is true. Viper has very accurate performance, but what if you fight against other aircraft which performance is not so "accurate" ?
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