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  1. As a community mod the F-15EX would be awesome.
  2. RIP, Snort. He was the main reason I fell in love with the Tomcat. My condolences to his family.
  3. Now all that's needed is one of these
  4. VF-1 Wolfpack and the USS Ranger....a man can dream.
  5. That would be the F-14A flight manual, correct? I can only find the NATOPS for the B and D. The best I could find was 00-110AF14-1 dating back to 1977.
  6. I have a question regarding the performance of the F-14A. I was watching Aircrew interview's video with Keith "Okie" Nance and he was an amazing guest. I had learned things that I had never even known about the F-14, especially the TF30 engines. Now I was told on here how dynamic thrust can be and I did learn that the F-14A's TF30s were able to put out about 28,000 pounds of thrust at around mach 0.9 and around 10,000 feet give or take. Would anyone on here have an idea of what the A model's rate of climb is? I have seen a figure stating 45,000 feet a minute but I believe that's for the F-14B and F-14D. I can't really find much on the A model's climb rate compared to the later F110 powered variants.
  7. You've basically answered my question. I was asking if the TF-30 will put out more thrust at lower altitudes because of the ram air effect that Okie mentioned for example. I believe he said that the engine was able to put out about 28,000 pounds or so. Now what I didn't know is that the F110's computers actually started cutting some of the thrust once the jet reached higher speeds. While the F110 is an objectively better engine. I find it quite fascinating to learn new things about the TF-30
  8. Out of curiosity, will the TF-30 have that extra thrust at sea level?
  9. I'd be down for an F/A-18E in a heartbeat. But unfortunately from what some of the guys on here are saying the source material for the Block II model are largely classified. Still it would be nice to see the guys from Vertical Reality Simulations bring their module from Flight Simulator to FSX or perhaps even see ED develop a Super Hornet someday. A man can dream right? :D
  10. Will there be a possible option to have the glove vanes deploy as a cosmetic part when exceeding mach 1 on the -A model?
  11. I'd love to see the Delta someday in DCS. It'd be great to see experience the vast improvements over the F-14A and B and of course to be able to fly the last of the breed :)
  12. Considering that we already have the MiG-21. Wouldn’t it be great to see an SU-15TM module for DCS as well? I personally would love to see more soviet planes from this era :D
  13. The F-14 is one of my all time favorite fighters. But I would absolutely jump for joy if someone was able to produce a MiG-31 module too! :bounce: :D
  14. +1 for the Mirage F1! Such a beautiful plane and I'd love to fly it in DCS world.
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