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  1. well ... the ones in this pack were made in 2021
  2. Never saw those little artifacts again honestly, but i'll remember your request and report back any news
  3. Dev team erased my mission files from User Files section, lost idk... 6k+ downloads on the older missions uploads AFAIC 2.2.7 is up and free at: The Round Table – Ver. 2.2.7 – Joe's Warehouse (wordpress.com) ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.2.7 - Fixed Damage Script - Added ATIS (disabled by default,check kneeboard for radio freq) - Added Shooting Range(disabled by default) - Tankers and Awacs now used normal spawn and not AIRBOSS functions to avoid double radio contact bug - Moved tankers further away from danger zones - Added a Ticonderoga group patrolling the Tankers route area
  4. 2.1.9 that version has the older script with Moose task dispatcher with 329047823847239847 menus to join a task... No, i deleted 'em. sry. just keeping 'em from 2.2
  5. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.2.5 / 1.0.7 (Syria) - Moose update - Changed the spawn logic for A2G BAI - HARD - Task, now the target is just a normal BAI asset group + a random SEAD + AAA defense (destroying the main target will trigger a mission success, disbanding the SAM and AAA groups from the area) - BAI and SEAD tasks now spawns with additional sub-groups of AAA units, those groups are going to disband when the main task target is destroyed - Removed A LOT of unused units / group templates - Added a menu to call A2A or A2G escorts (max 10 alive escorts at the same time) this escorts will follow, report, and attack targets following your radio menu commands - Removed some "log spamming" functions (bad scripting on my side, created a loop) - More cleaning of the core script The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Gulf) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Caucasus) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Syria) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (NTTR)
  6. IDK if this answered before (sry if yes) First, not making any changes on flights or anything, just adding a client slot (SP) to the flight i wanna join, no problems so far on full fidelity planes, but today wanted to do a 'relaxing' escort mission, the escort planes are F15C, everything nice and cool 'till i select slot when the mission goes live (the camera got stuck and start flying up then client death). Please guide me on troubleshooting this? In addition, i'm having a few BARCAP flights, off the maps limits
  7. Everything goes on the (xxx)\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta folder
  8. came here to make a new thread and found this one, so i report here then: Nvidia 970x
  9. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.2.4 / 1.0.6 (Syria) - Moose update - Moved all planes to the same starting location on all scenarios - Regrouped all planes - Fixed an issue for A2A BAI tasks not removing the menu after mission success - Updated Jtac units to a neutral coalition to avoid minor problems - Added new clouds - Changed day to april 27th (supermoon, if you want to see it change mission time) - Fixed some units removed after the update (name change maybe?) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Gulf) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Caucasus) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Syria) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (NTTR)
  10. Hey @Thunder Chicken22 Can you share this .lua please? for the fun?
  11. Actually, it's possible, with a little of scripting. flakv3.4.lua
  12. "The modding era" good time for being alive and fly on DCS
  13. @Nightstorm already read the whole thread... this question hasn't been answered, is this little boy going to get any sort of air to ground ordinance? the Devs told you something that u can share with us? Crossing fingers for @lee1hy texture permission
  14. Not so fast cowboy, the texture is a work of @lee1hy https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313566/ He's licencing tell it's free distribution, but at least uncomment something on the luas to say thanks for his work. In worst cases, ask for permission first for a public release (he's a cool dude, sure he don't have any problem at all) On topic, YES they look cool, try 'em ingame, it's awesome hehe, a work well done indeed, it' doesn't need a roughtmet file btw.
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