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  1. I do have a 6900. Thanks for the report.
  2. Those numbers look pretty good. So you think upgrading from a 5600X is worth it?
  3. Several years ago my friend told me VR in DCS was just like sitting the in cockpit. After I tried it myself I realized what he actually meant was, “Holy Crap! Flying DCS in VR is just like being in the freaking cockpit! No kidding!” Or something like that. And it’s only gotten better.
  4. No, I don't see where it's installed on my PC. It doesn't show up in the Store, but apparently it can be downloaded from this URL: Get OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality - Microsoft Store Update: When I click the Get button on the URL page, it takes me to the MS Store app for OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality, but there is no download or install button. I also double checked my Store app library and confirmed it isn't there. Update 2: I am now guessing that OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality is not required with OpenXR Tools for Windows Mixed Reality installed.
  5. Yes, I have both of those and it does work. But Nikoel's OP has that screenshot showing "OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality" as a third app. What is that?
  6. I am really confused. Of the three apps in the screen shot above, both "OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed Reality" and "OpenXR Toolkit" are installed on my PC. However, I cannot find "OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality" in the MS Store. I thought maybe it came installed as a default app, but I don't see it on my PC. Would someone help me understand what I am missing?
  7. Sounds reasonable. In case you missed it, here is another useful thread for Stable. Follow this and you'll never miss another update.
  8. This is a good forum post to keep up with changes and status: All modules require Beta when they are first introduced. I haven't looked myself but it sounds like ED may not be updating the e-shop postings after modules are included in Stable.
  9. Stable version and OB are the same at this time: That, of course, will change with the next OB release
  10. Now you're talking squadron designations versus aircraft designation. There is no commonality when it comes to squadron designations.
  11. Including the "/" does not conform with the Tri-Service Aircraft Designation System. That was my only point. I had already written I thought the whole "F/A" thing was more of a gimmick than anything.
  12. Designations for multipurpose airplanes is not unique. There have been TF, EA, and FB, just to name a few. The anomaly with the Hornet is why the inclusion of the "/" between the F and the A. There was an effort during the first half of the nineties to take out the "/" and make it FA-18, but that was obviously not successful.
  13. I admit I'm a little confused by this: 1. Pull the paddle; 2. g-limit exceeded; 3. Jet is down until inspected. What else do you want to know?
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