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  1. 11 minutes ago, BarTzi said:

    Just making sure: are you using steerpoints for the path of the missiles? (we only observed the problem when using a pre planned missile flight path). If your build is different than OB, then this could have been solved internally somehow.

    The test was conducted in TOO mode, using steerpoints since - to my knowledge - PrePlanned mode was not mentioned. Yes it was done on an internal build.

  2. 16 hours ago, BarTzi said:

    I don't think you can replicate this on your own, as the desync is between clients.

    Client A sees only his missiles follow the designated path (slam er steerpoints), while the rest of the missiles (launched by client B) don't follow their path and go straight to target.
    Client B sees only his missiles follow the designated path (slam er steerpoints), while the rest of the missiles (launched by client A) don't follow their path and go straight to target.



    Obi and I performed the test, with a 3rd tester in spectators, and neither of us could get the desynch to happen on multiple launches.

  3. Right click on a map object, click 'assign as' It will create a zone around the map object which you can name.  This name will then be available in the dead zone drop down.

    Dead zone will detect if that map object is dead.

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  4. Never had a problem with the Gazelle once i took the time to master it...


    As I have said, Gazelle is fun to fly when you fly it unlike anything else, you ignore the experiences and skills flying helicopters and you just fly Gazelle as it is.

    I wouldn't call "learn to master it" about it, more like a "learn to accept it as is".




    And how you would expect it to fly?




    These arguments were made previously in the years back, "it is lightest helicopter in DCS, it flies totally differently than any other helicopter that are just heavier!"




    Here's a question for you to waffle a response on:


    What are your precise qualifications to judge the aerodynamic capabilities and flight dynamics of this aircraft?


    To make it easier for you, I'll help you break it down by using sub-questions:


    1. Do you have a CPL or equivalent helicopter license?

    1b. How many hours?


    2. Was any of it in a Gazelle?

    2b. How many hours?



    3. If not, was it in a helicopter similar to a Gazelle - similar weight, power, rotor system, and with the same sorts of flight controls, autopilot and stability enhancements? Please state model and type.


    4. Do you hold a degree in Engineering, in particular Aeronautical engineering?


    I ask these things because you have decided to open an interrogation upon me, and my statement, when you are not the original poster, and I was not responding to you, so I feel its best I know whom I am being interrogated by. Also, I think many who've come across this post, and your many, many long-winded replies to people that never asked your opinion, are keen to know.


    Dont be shy, lay it out, so we can play it out. Otherwise, stick with writing war and peace to people directly responding to you - the masochists that want to be brow-beaten with your nagging opinion.


    Look forward to the summary of your qualifications.

  5. Not to nit-pick, but a TER is a Triple Ejector Rack for bombs and the LAU-88 is the triple rail launcher for the AGM-65, sorry I had to :music_whistling::D


    Fixed. I wrote that at 2:20am local time. I was a little tired.

  6. Edit: I should note that the below is my own personal opinion.


    It should be noted that 'carry' does not mean 'launch'.


    We've had loadies here confirm it could definitely carry 4, but it could not use 4. The Edwards bird shows this.


    If you had a flight of 4 F-16s going somewhere for an exercise and wanted 16 HARMs for them to use... you could... have them go pylons only, ship the harms by whatever the normal means are (air/road/ship). Have them carry 2, and ship the other 8.


    Or you could just load them with 4, which they can carry but not use - but in ferrying you're not going to use them, so it doesnt matter.


    Case in point, see attached screencap from a hornet video. It has a Litening pod on the outer wing pylon. If you look closely, the one next to it has it on the opposite side.


    Being a former RAAF member myself I asked a friend who has extensive hornet experience if that was actually usable. He stated he'd never heard of or seen it being used from that station. More than likely they were ferrying to somewhere, and rather than box up the pod and send it back on a transport, they just carried it with them. The lugs are the same.


    Later in the video you can see the same hornets with 3 tanks on, confirming they were most likely ferrying.


    The real evidence that is required, IMO, is footage of it actually being fired from that station from anything other than a test vehicle.


    I've read about the inboard maverick not being allowed on LAU-88 on the C/D (and i believe later block As) because their horizontal stabs are larger and the exhaust would damage them. Three mavericks were only allowed in 'war emergency'. It was possible with the A because of the smaller stabs.


    I'd find it strange then that a forward firing rocket powered munition is allowed on 4 and 6 for the same reason. If HARM is allowed why not another AMRAAM? Why not Maverick (i've never seen one)... or rocket pods? If you're going to allow restrictions, then a restriction on the inboard LAU-88 for maverick should be considered too... this was done in later versions of Falcon 4.0 for example, in certain historical periods, IIRC.


  7. Yeah I don’t understand wanting the D, it’s like lets get the exact same jet but with even SHORTER legs lol


    If they could do a superbug...I would vote for an F, for many of the reasons outlined in this thread...but I wouldn’t ever ask for a two seat legacy :huh:


    If it was a LRIP example it wouldn’t have 9x or JHMCS either right? Pretty sure those are both block 2 standard...



    That is why I was specific about the F/A-18D(AW) it is not just exactly the same jet with shorter legs and 2 seats... any more than an F-15E is just an F-15D painted dark grey. The rear systems were modified for AFAC, and night strike, with - as I understand it -different controllers for manipulating weapons... analogous to the F-15E. It also had options for Recce, which would be good to model in DCS too.

  8. * MiST and a heavily customised CTLD/CSAR/JTACAutoLase

    - used for helo ops - loading and unloading troops into combat dynamically (ie: without bring pre-set in the ME)

    - CSAR used to simulate downed pilots that can be rescued

    - Cargo logistics which can then be used to spawn ground units dynamically and can be controlled through Combined Arms

    - MiST used for detecting particular unit types in zones

    - MiST also used to build EVENT tracking to detect dead runways and stop aircraft spawning there in MOOSE



    * MOOSE

    - Used to respawn tankers when the RTB due to low fuel or are shot down

    - Used to provide a recovery tanker which orbits over the (moving) carrier. Its orbit is updated regularly and automatically to keep it overhead - as in real life

    - Used to provide a rescue helo that follows the carrier, RTB on bingo fuel and then spawn another to replace it.


    - Used to automatically place CAP aircraft up in particular areas, and automatically route them around (randomly patrol). Uses AI ground and air radars to detect incoming enemies and route CAP towards them when within certain parameters. Disengage when enemy dead or RTB. Also sets up tanking so CAP can stay aloft until out of ammo

    - Used to automatically generate AI CAS missions to attack ground units controlled by CA players or CTLD Pilots. CAS aircraft and nominated observers will detect opposing units and generate CAS missions against them.

    - Used to make ships patrol (there is no `go to waypoint` in naval unit commands)

  9. I vaguely recall somewhere- and it was probably in my Falcon 4 days, that if the engine was below a certain RPM, the EPU would kick in, and thus you could not run idle for too long or it'd run it out of fuel.


    So, you're not alone in that thinking. I must be misremembering though, because I cannot find anything to that effect.

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