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  1. Usual disclaimers; May have already been posted, nothing you don't already know, etc... Note: They do use (credited) video from DCS in the video! :thumbup:
  2. I thought it looked a little low myself, but to see it foam up like a shaken soda can was impressive!
  3. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25166/this-a-10-warthog-ground-trainer-still-has-a-tickler-muzzle-device-on-its-cannon Watch too the embedded video, especially the standby compass (as suggested by the author)!
  4. Not certain with your posting, but remember that each controller is saved/loaded separately. I have wished forever that it would save each profile as a whole, but you have to save each controller one at a time... Could it be that you (for example) saved the joystick profile, and it loaded the rest of the controllers to their defaults?
  5. I do NOT want to be picky, but I feel I have to say something to avoid later confusion: Using the throttle during landing does NOT change your pitch, but rather your sink rate. That is precisely why it is used during that flight envelope. You want to maintain your pitch in relation to the deck, and adjust your sink rate using "speed", thus throttle... Again, I'm sorry to jump on your post, but I believe this precision is necessary to avoid the inevitable confusion with this subject. Class dismissed! :megalol:
  6. Remember also; The Flaps Up position in the Hornet sets the flaps to automatic. They adjust themselves continually during flight to maintain the desired attitude/trim. The pilot's input is really telling the computer, "This is the attitude I want." Since you're on the ground, it probably assumes your next action will be to takeoff, so it retains the half down position until it detects the need to move... Maybe?
  7. The Hornet OSB numbers are rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, with OSB1 being lower left, vs. A-10 OSB1 being upper left.
  8. I use the same setting, but I think I remember a setting labeled simply "Throttle (x) - OFF", which should function exactly as you seem to expect. The "OFF/IDLE" seems to be specifically designed for use with the Warthog, and similar controllers with the sustained "OFF" position. The downside being, you'd need to have/assign a second button to "Throttle (x) - IDLE"...
  9. I was very surprised to find that Active Pause doesn't pause everything as it suggests. Many objects in the game world continue moving as they would. I imagine the deck planes get "paused", while the deck itself, does not... Might make an interesting video... ;)
  10. There is already (or should be) a shortcut in the Eagle Dynamics folder on the Start Menu. There are options to Start, Repair, or Update DCS. The later two do not start the sim after running...
  11. This may not help you, but; Many years ago, I actually built video cards. I hand assembled prototype cards for a Bay Area manufacturer, and tested the first run of manufactured cards. In testing that batch, I have seen this exact issue. In that case, a capacitor had been wedged under the memory chip so that it bridged a few pins. Long story short, if you have the opportunity, try another video card to rule out a hardware issue?
  12. Check for a controller conflict, either with the axis, or maybe a button assigned to the throttle? IIR, the ATC will "disconnect" with throttle movement... Maybe a keybinding is giving a false throttle trace...
  13. Have you checked the waypoint info? Maybe the plan is to change altitude... Just guessing, so I'm probably wrong...
  14. This article explains what micro stutter is, and gives some opinions on how to fix them... *SPOILER ALERT* - It's probably not ED's fault... :smilewink: https://www.pcgamer.com/what-is-microstutter-and-how-do-i-fix-it/
  15. But since the symbology is centered in the VV, maybe they're just displayed so you know that it's on, and not really picking up the signal?
  16. How about this (just thinking out loud); The cursor is centered in the VR view, but when you move the mouse, it moves the cursor independently of the VR motion. Release the mouse, and after a "time out" period, the cursor centers on the VR view again. That way the cursor is always centered where you are "looking", but free to move and be used when the mouse is moved, eliminating the need to keep your head still...
  17. Well I'll be snookered... All this time, I had misread the Thrustmaster manual, thinking the detent was an either/or piece. Installed, you have the Idle detent, turn it around and you have the afterburner... Guess I should slow down, and read more carefullly... :) Thanks!
  18. I'm trying to find out the same thing, so let me ask another way, just to be certain: Does this piece add the afterburner detent, AND retain the original Idle/Cutoff detent? I can obviously turn the original piece around if I merely want the afterburner, but what I want is BOTH... Thanks in advance...
  19. I think if you opt to "keep old installation directory", it leaves 1.5 on your system, and downloads 2.5 to another directory (vs. overwriting 1.5). Therefore, if you use your same shortcuts, 1.5 still works... Look in your start menu to see if there is another set of icons pointing to 2.5?
  20. Well said. Thank you. And in case it wasn't clear in my previous posts, I highly support your complaint. I was only trying to encourage better communication for all parties.
  21. I understand the need to update the manual. My argument is based on the irony of such a poorly written request asking for a rewrite... I know spelling and punctuation are going out of style (too many characters), but when they are so grossly lacking, it tends to prohibit understanding. Why even take the time to read through the post when you cannot read it comfortably.
  22. Sorry... I guess it's just another example of our failed educational system. Good luck in your future endeavours!
  23. Normally I avoid being snarky, but your argument would hold a lot more water if you wrote a more succinct post. Run on sentences, typos, and poor spelling/grammar make this post all but unreadable! I apologize if you feel hurt by my criticism, but c'mon dude... :)
  24. Also, make sure your game resolution matches your desktop/native resolution (if you can navigate the options menu...)
  25. I would think one way would be to open the mission in 2.5 ME (via the Browse menu...), then "Save As..." to the new location of your choosing. If nothing else, that would allow DCS to do any updates it requires to your templates...
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