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  1. Its a AI Mission, I use this mission to repeatedly test the performance of missiles and train how to defend against them. Anyway should be the RNG making funny of me. As i said: the trajectory now is much smoother making the missile retain more energy, which is already a very good thing! I will keep testing,playing and adapting to the "new" missile behavior, ty again for all the effort that you guys put in.
  2. Hi guys! Ty for the update! is a long jorney until get the things in the way that it should be. I did some tests and missile behavior looks much more smoother now. Anyway did you guys changed ECCM and Notch resistance? the missile looks very susceptible to notch and countermeasures now. https://streamable.com/ocv87t Tacview-20220204-123213-DCS.zip.acmi
  3. Hi Guys! Did the hotfix has released? If not, did you guys have an estimate of when it will be released? Thank you!
  4. This is a recurring problem. I can say that several times the radar behaved in this way, giving priority to targets that it shouldn't.
  5. Yes, the game have some bugs but none make the game unplayable most of them pass unnoticed if you don't search for them, DCS is a Hardcore sim that demand much hardware to play it well, if you compare with other sims the DCS interface is OK (could be better, but is not something that you need read a manual just to navigate on menus), i play on VR also and it also don't have the best optimization but i can play with np on a PC that is no more a top tier machine, you need take time optimize the game for your hardware there is some tutorials on YT and here on forum, DCS is not a "plug and play" game like i said is a Hardcore sim for ppl who read 500 pages of manual to know how to operate 1 plane, if you don't have this patience definitely DCS is not your game.
  6. Exactly this!!! this dude don't fly the F-14 and all that he do is this cruzade againt F-14's using "voices of my head" as source. He want that phoenix don't manuever, don't track targets, don't go far, and Tomcats drivers have to fight in a plane that had several disadvantages compared to other more modern aircraft in game without the only advantage that they have. ATM every Phoenix could be easily notched A or C versions, you only die for a Phoenix if you don't know how to defend it.
  7. There is a command on Lantirn where you slave it to HUD, ive used several times as navigation pod doing this.
  8. Hello friends, I would suggest a small redesign in the part of azimuth control and elevation of Jester menu; First of all I would like to say that Jester is already an excellent solution as it is without him it will be impossible drive the cat alone, but i think if you guys think it's plausible I'm sharing in my vision how to make it easier to use at times when quick reactions are needed it would be more intuitive to make movements with the head in the directions where you want point the radar and have a reference point in the middle of wheel. I made a draft (sorry for the quality) that i will share: Thank you for the great job you've been doing.
  9. I'd love to see a ASF-14 but is a concept, there only "guesstimates" about it so i don't believe that is ever a chance. ps: It's amazing how the ASF-14 would be ahead of this time with those avionics on early's 90:
  10. Dude, seriouslly... all this "super ammram" talk just shows that you don't know what you're saying, in the video I'm going to show you that the phoenix bug isn't the only one in the game, so what you say about this one? I've never heard anything about tactics to destroy air-to-air missiles, and DCS right now is that way. And another thing, Tomcats are never majority on pvp servers and I honestly do not believe that some tomcat driver spends the whole game searching for you, to make the game unplayable for you because there is a bug that may happen or not (unlike the bug of radars tracking other missiles) About Phoenix capabilities or Tomcat BIAS i believe in Heatblur work that they spent years researching with their SME`s, if you have something that prove that phoenix work like a straight line rocket please share with them, we "customers" only want the most realistic thing if is OP or not is not HB or our falt, but they cant do a plane exclusively to please you "The F-14 CSGO Edition" armed with clubs and forks on the wings and a airsoft gun to dont hurt you.
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