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  1. How is that "tell Razbam how to do their job"?? And "let them work"??? Since when haven't I let them work?? I don't know how people can get so confrontational in this forum. Do you get offended often just because people breath?? Yo, Razbam, tell me you location so now I can go to your office and actually "tell you how to do your job" lol
  2. If this is only being carried by one guy, why does this guy has to be a part of the RAZBAM?? He should be his own party, just like that guy who made I-16.
  3. http://news.jstv.com/a/20160108/1452234702366.shtml back in 2016, China offered the copy right of L-15 to Ukraine. Ukraine was interested at first, because original L-15 uses Ukraine engine, so it is cheap for Ukraine and a very good deal for Ukraine logistically. But US pressurised them not to purchase any, and made them purchased A-29 instead, which is a far inferior plane. Because of that, Ukraine still had no ability to produce advanced fighter on their own and have to make do with old Soviet era planes like Su-27SK and MiG-29S. All of those can be easily out matched by Russian planes like Su-30 and Su-35. And that is why Russian took control of Ukraine air space in the matter of days. I bet Ukraine is really regretting their decide right now. If they had taken the deal, Russian planes would have to deal with PL-12 today instead of R-27.
  4. Can you make a green forest version please? Thanks.
  5. Can we have the tanker version of the H-6 please?
  6. Hi, guys, can anyone confirm this? I recently saw this news from a media in Taiwan. It said that Pakistan used their JF-17 against Qatar's Rafale in their joint military exercise. The results showed a 6:2 victory for the JF-17. If this is true, that's just WOW Anyway, the link for the new is here: at 1:09:58
  7. If you want a trainer, L-15 is a better choice, since it can also be used as a fighter independently. Have a look at my old thread here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/220388-l-15b-a-wishlist-and-suggestion-for-future-modules/?tab=comments#comment-4453483
  8. First of all, I am very happy that we finally have a 3rd gen fighter. I am going to purchase it on day 1. I just have one question. Are we going to get Super 530F? Sorry, I don't know much about this plane, but wikipedia says that Spain had this missile on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_530
  9. We really need more attacker planes. Right now, the only one we have are A-10C, AV-8. Since I heard that Deka will not make Q-5, the red side really need an attacker. Also, I hope they can make ASM for A-10A too. If Su-25T is doable, it will be great too.
  10. Recently I heard a humor that ED is considering making ASM for MiG-29A. Is there a chance to do the same for Su-25A? Su-25A is an older plane than MiG-29A. If MiG-29A is doable, there shouldn't be a problem for Su-25A, right?
  11. This is just creepy. When you told me about the cyberstalking, I thought you were joking.
  12. Read the previous comments before reply. Kamov only did a $3 million worth of wind tunnel test job.
  13. The Five Most Capable Combat Jets of the Third Generation - Part Three: Shenyang J-8 https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/the-five-most-capable-combat-jets-of-the-third-generation-part-three-shenyang-j-8 It's an interesting read for people who are interested. Military Watch also always has interesting articles. I even found an article on J-9. It is unfortunate that it never made pass wind tunnel testing. https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/chengdu-j-9-china-s-over-ambitious-plan-for-an-advanced-multirole-fighter-which-inspired-a-new-generation For people who understand Chinese. http://mil.cnr.cn/ztl/bzxl/hkb/mtbd/201208/t20120807_510508096.html
  14. hard facts? Do you mean your presumption on how the Chinese plane should be? At least I had my data from the manufacturer. Now show me your hard facts other than your subjective opinion. Showing your that subject opinion is not hard data is NOT an insult. You don't bother me, it is you who could not accept the world being anything other than the ones in your own script. Once again, don't avoid my question. Show me the hard data to prove to us that the manufacturer pamphlet is wrong. Until then you are just showing us how childish you are. I am actually intrigued, how old are you really?
  15. :lol::lol::lol::lol: lol with nothing to add, and no way to answer my question, you result in copying my phase used against you earlier? Can't even think of an original comeback? How pity
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