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  1. Hi All Just wanted to bump this up - this was never an issue for me until a few days ago with the 1.4 update. I'm on an older Z97 board (4790k) and DCS was unplayable for me (image would hold on the hmd and when turning my head the new area would appear black) until I shuffled some of the usb's around to make use of the chipset usb ports (top most ports). If anyone else is having these issues, give it a go. I ended up swapping a couple of button boxes and my keyboard receiver over to usb hubs, removed a usb expansion card and am getting a much more stable system on the whole. This shouldn't be necessary though - apparently it's just the Rift S usb cable that needs to be relocated.
  2. I doubt it. ED don't really have the resources to re-write the game for another OS. And if they did there would be en epic backlash to those resources not being utilised to get other modules out the door. Fortunately there's bootcamp.
  3. This is excellent!!! It would be fantastic if you could enter your serial and receive a steam activation for a hard copy you already own (X3 Terran Conflict does this and it brilliantly gives all oowners the ability to use acheivements and a few other steam related enhancements) but "I No Complain!" I really hope the other DCS modules get a steam release, its a really good way of tying the series together (and would be an excellent way to distribute compatability patches). And as per above, don't resist steam, it's a fantastic distro system. I love being able to play games on my PC, then when I go out I can use my Macbook to log into my steam account and get right back into some Team Fortress 2... 2 PC's 2 different OS's - 1 game purchase that follows me everywhere.
  4. Honestly Matt.... You spoil us!! We've done nothing to deserve it. Thank you!
  5. The effect (possible HDR) on the light through the clouds looks excellent. In fact the overall cloud effect is a big improvement. Whilst I've never been a big fan of the A10, this is looking like a phenominal sim and I can't wait to climb in and start playing with switches. Fingers crossed the KA50 is bought up to the new engine spec shortly after release.
  6. Once upon a time there was a video going around made with Flanker 2.5 of a whole lot of fancy maneuvers including a stack of kobra/helmut/r73 shots set to ACDC's back in black. Completely off topic I know, but the vid was awesome and kudos to anybody who can point me to it.
  7. G'day GRoss, welcome to the forums. 2 Things already said here I will enthusiastically reenforce. 1 - Seriously don't fret over the Copy Protection. ED have implemented an excellent system that doesn't negatively impact the user in any way; AND allows them to protect their IP - My hats off to them and I really wish other devs/pubs would follow their lead (looking at you UBI) 2 - You will not find a more welcoming and helpful online community anywhere else on the web. These guys know Flight Sims are a niche market and will go out of their way to assist all newcomers. I've frequently seen silly questions posed by new players (and posed a few myself); any other game forum the members would shred the poster, but not here. These guys here will help out and point you in the direction of some excellent tutorials. Allow me to get you started The Rookie thread - http://http1.files.eagle.ru/dcs/video/Leading_Edge_Training_-_BS_-_S2.wmv?session_sid=&product_sid=LET_S2_preview&lang=en Excellent resource guide for newcomers. An my personal fav - Leading Edge advanced start-up: http://http1.files.eagle.ru/dcs/video/Leading_Edge_Training_-_BS_-_S2.wmv?session_sid=&product_sid=LET_S2_preview&lang=en Its a big file (400+mb and over an hour in length) but this movie is what got me going. If you have the opprtunity, set up a laptop with this movie next to your gaming rig and run through it (pausing/re-winding when necessary) - This taught me more about the KA50 than any other single resource (not including the forums of course). Lastly this info is redundant as you've already ordered it, but JBHiFi on Lonsdale street in Melbourne still had a few copies of DCS:BS on their shelves last time I was in there, other stores probably still stock it as well. That said, its probably better to give your $$ directly to the devs by ordering it online. Good luck!! and I look forward to flying with you in the multi servers.
  8. Mine arrived in the mail today (3 business days from Cambridge to Melbourne!!! Im stoked!!). Its Epic!! Definately worth the $37AUD, having now seen it I would have happily paid more. Can't wait to get it laminated and up on the wall. Based on the comments above I think I'll pay to get it done professionally. My advice to anyone thinking about the map, is go for it! its well and truly worth the money.
  9. Perfect!!!! The comma fixed it. Also the half screen issue was me adding the wrong numbers together when making up options.lua. Thank you!!
  10. G'day Guys I was hoping to pick your brains regarding mult-monitor setups. I've moved my desk around and finally aquired a mini-display to DVI adaptor and want to get a similar display setup to the one your running (smaller screen below the main screen to display dials). Im having all sorts of trouble getting it right however. What is happening is the main screen displays correctly, however the second screen (below) shows what is immediately to the right of the main screen and only fills the left half of the screen (right hand side displays desktop). I can't for the life of me figure it out. Specs are as follows: 27" iMac Display - Primary monitor running in native 2560x1440 (FC2 set to this res in window mode). Apple 22" display running native 1680x1050 (set in windows to the right of primary screen). .lua as follows: --- name = _('2 Screens'); Description = 'Two monitors each with own camera'; Viewports = { Center = { x = 2560; y = 0; width = 1680; height = 1050; viewDx = 0; viewDy = -0.8; aspect = 1.6; } Top = { x =0; y = 0; width = 2560; height = 1440; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0.2; aspect = 1.777777778; } } --- Any ideas? edit: final result is looking as follows:
  11. After asking around at a couple of local printing places (who wanted stupid money to print it) I've now ordered a copy. For those interested in my neck of the woods it came out as $36.95 AUD (with my bank adding $2 bucks for it being international). Can't wait for it to arrive. Much less than I was expecting, I didn't realise the exchange rate was so good at the moment.
  12. You guys may be interested to see.... http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/17/thrustmaster-unveils-its-perfect-replica-hotas-warthog-flight-co/ Video shows some footage of A10c with a cut in of the controller as well as what looks to be the F15 of FC2. Later there is some footage of what looks (and sounds) suspiciously like the back of Mr Wagner's head. Also attached is a slew of images of the event and the stick. This looks to be a very good controller for an excellent upcoming Sim. -We can expect a write-up from SimHQ fairly soon.
  13. Excellent news. Can't wait to get my hands on the downloadable file. Huge praise to the guys who put this together.
  14. Fairly sure that's Sevastopol in FC1. Just follow the harbor inlet to where it becomes a river. Can't miss it.
  15. For those guys who are worried about StarForce, allow me to tell a brief tale: A few years ago I purchased a copy of GT Legends, after hours upon hours of fafing about with drivers, re-installs and posts on both the official games forums, third party fan forums AND the forums dedicated to gaming in general I eventually had to resort to using a crack TO PLAY A GAIME I PAID FOR AND LEGITAMATELY OWNED. Total time taken from getting the game at the store to scooting around Monza in a Mini - about 3 weeks. I said at the time I would not touch another game that used SF regardless of how badly I wanted to play it. Contrast that to the DCS: Black Shark story: 1 - I installed the game from the DVD. 2 - I entered my serial number 3 - I put a Vhikr into a mini scooting around Monza (well not quite.. learning the weapons systems took a bit longer :p) Total time taken from buying the game at the store to playing it - about an hour. The SF protection used in DCS (and I'm told the CD version of FC2) is a completely different beast to the older demonic versions, and nothing to really fear. Assuming you have a copy of the original LOMAC which doesn't use SF either, you'll be free and easy. And If your in North America Im fairly sure LOMAC Platinum uses the DCS system as well.
  16. Yep, the i7 is loaded with a 512mb Radeon 4850. Unfortunately whilst the i7 is a proper desktop chip, the G-card is a mobility unit. As I've just spent the last hour discovering, by default you're unable to access the catalyst control panel. There is a fix for this however and I can now confirm it works.
  17. ^ 100%. FSX is fine at mid-range details, but maxing them out kills the framerate. My only other experience with FSX was on an older AMD dual core system with 2gb RAM, obviously the i7 way out-performed it, but its hardly a fair comparison. When running in bootcamp, the mac will generally perform identically to a same spec PC.
  18. I'm using one of the new 27" iMac's with the optioned i7, standard 4gb of RAM. Running Windows 7 x64 in Bootcamp. DCS:BS amd LOMAC-FC2 both run an absolute treat. I have all details set to high running fullscreen 1920x1080. I don't typically turn the frame counter on so I can't give you an absolute number value, but the game runs smooth as silk. I have been meaning to play around with AF/AA settings to see what impact it has and possibly even up the res to the monitors native (2560x1440), I'll get back to you with the results. Playing on a 27' screen is also wonderful, particularly during guns only battles.
  19. Somewhere up near the top of the list of things I never thought I would say has to be "big-up Ubisoft!". I assume Ubi is taking more than their fair share of the pie on sales, but regardless its great to hear they came to the party on this one. North America would have to be the biggest market for Lock-On and I really hope this does well. Can't wait to see FC2 on shelves over in my neck of the woods, my old LOMAC CD's holding up just fine.
  20. Genius!!! Fixed and working a treat. Unbelievable just what a menace to fly that thing is without Trimming. Thank you!!
  21. Hello All. Im sure this problem must have arisen in the past, but I can't for the life of me find any reference to it (Also when you Search the word "Trim" you just get given the Forums as they appear normally:smilewink:) I'm using a Siatek X45 to fly and also have a Logitec G25 connected for additional buttons on the gear shifter. The Trim Key is mapped to "Fire-C" (Button 8 ) on the stick, however when I push it, the Cyclic doesn't Trim to that position. I hear an audible "click" from the game when I depress the switch, and another when I release it, but no effect. Its worth noting that its only the cyclic that won't trim, I tested with the resposes window open (alt-enter) and rudder trimming is ok. My first thought was that it was the new reset to centre logic in the patch (my stick has some play in it an maybe it can't find the centre properly), however setting it back to the pre-patch method fails to rectify the problem. Any ideas?
  22. Words cannot fully describe the "want factor" going on in my psyche right now. Going to rob bank, brb.
  23. Or answered in to time at all then :p even better!! Fantastic to hear it may receive retail distribution. So I guess the question becomes weather or not I can wait the extra time. Best of luck in your negotiations with Mindscape, hopefully I'll be able to once again play the "put the ED title in front of the HAWX box at my local game store" again.
  24. This is excellent news. When FC was first released I was unfortunately not in a position to order it online and as such had skipped over it (I have boxed copies of LOMAC and DCS:BD). To that end the boxed copy of FC2.0 is perfect for my needs. 1 Question I have for the expanded FAQ is with regards to regions. That being will the boxed copy be available globally (I am assuming it will need to be ordered online as the $15 margin probably wouldn't allow for retail distribution). No doubt this will all be answered in time.
  25. @golfsierra2 - As I said in my PM thanks you so very much for getting those files to me. I can't wait to get them installed and get back in the air. Re-booting Flanker 2.5 is almost like going to visit an old friend I havent seen since high school. Lots of good times. @mikoyan - Its about time ED/TFC got the original its own freeware release *shoots puppy dog eyes their way. presumably the rights are with SSI or somebody who's not terribly inclined to do it. I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the original. @TWMoney - this lappy is running leopard so ie is out (not that I'm all that sad about it). Fileplanet uses some Gamespy Download manager which doesn't seem to like mac much. After some faffing about I managed to get it going on the old laptop - and by some I mean $#&^Loads of faffing about. The old things 64mb Ram doesn't take to kindly to a wirelesss card and firefox 3.5. I'm thinking of trying to find some old memory for it but should probably stop spending money on the thing :p
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