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  1. Putting a bit of dead zone in my stick has fixed it for me. I often climb at about 5 deg for quite a while to get to altitude. When I see I am getting close to my desired altitude, I hover my mouse pointer over the balt button and hit it as soon as I see 25,000 for instance. As Ephedrin says, it will oscillate up and down a couple hundred for maybe 3 cycles before it settles but I can live w/ that.
  2. Yeah that 'LOST' is a killer. Drives me nuts cause it won't go away. On one mission which I screwed up another way I thought keep flying and use it as a test of how to get rid of 'LOST'. Never did make it go away. Well 'shift' - 'R' to restart the mission got rid of it.
  3. Thanks Tom, I will give that a try.
  4. I have tried a couple of times to learn the Harpoon. The multitude of steps required and the fact that you can't be sure it will hit what you want it to hit keeps me from flying missions that use it. I am probably missing something but basically the huge effort in design and use of super accurate ground target weapons make me wonder why the Harpoon even exists.
  5. I don't aar much because I still have never done it successfully. But I have noticed that the speed and altitude #s provided over the radio by the tanker are never correct. They seem to be + or - 500ft and + or - 30k. I have noticed the same checking the other plane on the F10 map when trying to join on another FA-18 to fly as a pair to a target.
  6. I agree w/ Hiob. With either reflector there is a limit to how far your head can move and the camera can still see it. I use the plane sheet metal reflector because it got rid of a wire that used to run from my head to the PC. I don't notice any difference in performance. Setting up, my first step is to get the camera aimed correctly. See the 3 dots in the top right chart? [url=https://flic.kr/p/2nxDWCs][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52210398962_d8bc67614d_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2nxDWCs]TIR pitch[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152454123@N04/]craig stuard[/url], on Flickr Those are your camera alignment indicators. In my pic they are a little off. They should be centered on the cross hair. I may need to aim the camera slightly or I may need to move my chair slightly. Once camera is set than you need to look at the curves. That is the chart in the bottom left of my pic. You have to click the small 'Axis' box so you adjust pitch, roll, yaw one at a time. First of all, I like a dead zone in left/right and up/down. I set mine for about 7 degrees of head movement in each direction before the view on the screen moves. I get that using the green up/down arrows on that chart. Anything that is below the white horizontal line just a tiny bit up from the bottom does not do anything. You can see that both curves come above the white line at about 7degrees. Move the curves up, adjust them, and then move them back down. In my case I move them down like the one in the pic. Then you can play w/ the angle of the curve. For instance I set pitch so I can look down and back a little to see those switches on the side panels. You can see what the effect is on the 4 charts to the right just below the one w/ the 3 green dots. The top three have a head diagram that moves and the bottom is a chart reading degrees. I go to about 100deg down and 100deg up. In yaw I set it so I can see about 185deg left and right. This is a little more than straight back (so I can see a Mig coming on my tail) but my head is turned only 60-70deg so I can still see the monitor. When I first got TIR, I flew the Quick Action called Free Flight. It starts you in the air flying at about 350k. I keep hitting pause, go to the TIR screen, make a change, and go back to fly to see the effect. TIR is not VR but I think it is very, very good. Good luck
  7. No. This is Yaw. The goal is to be able to look straight back out of the cockpit. This is pitch. Original goal was to be able to look straight up, and then I went a little beyond that. I need to work it a little more because I can actually go too far. The second goal was to be able to operate switches (w/ mouse)on the side consoles that are pretty far to your rear. This is roll. It moves just a small amount. I found that I apparently roll my head when I just want to pitch or yaw so it moved way too much on screen.
  8. I use F6. The bomb will come onto the screen at some weird angle, so I left mouse button until I am looking from behind the bomb. And then I scroll some to move me further behind the bomb. This way I get a good view of where it is heading and not just a closeup where the bomb is blocking 50% of the screen.
  9. I just fly the included missions in Caucuses and Persion Gulf to get experience. I also have my screen set up so I can easily pause DCS and go to the web for youtube videos or to Chuck's Guide, or to something I have saved in my 'SIm Flying' documents folder.
  10. I have my sensor clipped to the top of the monitor which puts it 3-4 inches above the brim of my hat where the springy reflector is. I spent most of my time on the chart in the lower left setting the curves for roll pitch and yaw. One thing that helped me a bunch was to set a dead zone for each of 7-8 degrees in both directions. This lets my head move a little w/o changing my in game view. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2ibZo1W][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49351118006_0011a66295_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2ibZo1W]TrackIR setup[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152454123@N04/]craig stuard[/url], on Flickr See the green up/down arrows at the top of that chart? Hitting the up arrow will move the curves upward so you can adjust them. I grab one of the small rings on a curve and move it to move the curve. Then I move it back down which will effectively clip off the center of the curve to give the dead zone. If the curve is more vertical you get more in game head movement for a given amount of actual movement. In yaw I have it so about 75-80 deg of my head moving turns the game view to a full 180deg so I can look straight back from my plane. Since it is a curve you can change how much view angle changes for a given head movement at various points in the curve. On the right side of the screen you can see simulated heads showing how the in game view moves when you move your head. The chart below shows the same thing w/ numbers. This pic was when I was working on Yaw. You can see that I have 7.2 deg movement of my head and only .2 deg movement in game because of my dead zone. When I started setting TIR up, I got into the plane in the quick action free flight mission. This way I could fly around anywhere I wanted, hit pause and make a TIR change, then un-pause to go back to flying to see how I liked the new setting. No one shooting me down or caring what I was doing. I adjusted TIR a lot in the first month that I had it then a little here and there for a month or two, but haven't touched it since.
  11. I solve my problem with 7s by re-arming and swapping to 120s.
  12. There are a couple of ways to do this but I set up my screen so that the standard windows border across the bottom of the screen is still there when flying DCS. So I can hit the pause button, then I can go either to the web or to my 'sim flying' files, or to Chuck's Guide. This way I fly until I have a problem, hit pause, do some research, and come back to DCS. Especially when setting up weapons where Chuck has a 30 step procedure, this really helps. In that case I will use 'active pause' which stops my plane from moving but leaves all buttons and controls active. I have even made DCS take up just half screen and sized my reference to take up the other half. Once I get the weapon set, I go back to DCS on full screen, un-pause, and then use the weapon. I am 2+ years at flying the FA-18 and still have plenty to learn, but I am having a blast.
  13. Probably a month ago I bought Syria and couldn't get it to download. Honestly it began to look like my lack of PC skills was the problem. I contacted support and went back and forth w/ both Alexander and Mike. Quite a few things they asked me to do I simply did not have the knowledge to do but they both stuck w/ me. I am retired so time is not a problem but I want to explicitly say the fact that it took a month to fix was all on me. I asked if I could get a credit to use later to buy a plane or something, and there was some other check I was asked to do. Did that and frankly I just gave up and didn't think about it for a while. Then Mike sent me another email. Gave me instructions and provided an attachment I was to add in the root DCS file. Did that and started the download about 9 this morning. 12- still going, 130-still going, and I did a separate house project so was away from the PC until about 4pm. Yeeehaw, DCS is open on the screen, so I quick check and WOW, there is Syria. Got everything hooked up and flew the supplied Blue Angels mission. Boy I suck at trying to be a Blue Angel, but thanks to Alexander and Mike I can now fly in Syria. Thanks guys for putting up w/ my lack of skills and getting Syria running for me.
  14. I have seen a few crosswind carrier traps in various missions from the user files. I assume there is some nuance in the mission editor that sets something automatically but doesn't make that fact very obvious. I have always managed to stick the landing though so never bothered to try to figure out why it happened.
  15. I am not sure if the problem is w/ this campaign or with DCS. I have flown this stage 2 to death. I have three 'Success Score 100' and 10 'Skipped' in the list and but every time I click OK it takes me AGAIN to Stage 2. How do I get to Stage 3?
  16. I agree w/ Art-J. I have created several missions for the purpose of trying different bombs or missiles. I wanted to be able to figure out how to do things w/o anyone shooting at me. I have one mission that has 3-4 variations. Create a mission and fly it. If you want to change to another bomb, open the mission in the editor, change the bomb, and 'File' 'Save as' and give it a new name so you know what bomb it has. I don't know how to do much more than that but that skill level is all you will need to fly a P-51 in the Marianas.
  17. "I want plane fly through a WP to a setting course,but when i turn on CPL, the plane always skip the WP,what's wrong?" You need to have your waypoint sequence set up first before clicking CPL. On your SA or HSI page click the 'SEQ1' button (this will give you a dashed line on the screen for your entire flight past all waypoints) and the 'AUTO' button (this will give you the next WP automatically as you fly past the current WP). Both buttons are at the lower right corner of the SA screen. I generally hit both buttons before I take off so I can see where I should be flying. Once you have the sequence displayed and are in the air, you can click 'CPL'. See the pic on page 638 in CHuck's Guide showing the dashed line and see the 'SEQ1' and 'AUTO' are boxed. I have been doing this more and more lately. It is nice to hit 'cpl' while you are still climbing to altitude. This way you know your plane will be flying the direction you want while you are setting up weapons or anything else you need to do. Just check altitude once in a while.
  18. A couple of thoughts. 1- Like others have said be sure to disengage autopilot. I don't understand it completely but if you have used autopilot at any time in that flight you need to disengage it. Hitting AP and then clicking 'BALT' for instance to make the colon sign go away, does not disengage it. I have a separate button on my stick for disengage AP. It also does something else that I don't remember at the moment. 2- I 'assume' you are doing a straight-in approach. If so, I do not drop flaps until about 180. That way you get what you would expect, a quick loss of airspeed, w/ virtually no float upward. 3- If you are doing a carrier pattern trap, you fly past the carrier upwind at 350 and 800ft w/ the hook down. I always set full flaps at the same time I drop the hook. But the flaps will not actually drop until below 250. So in the first break turn, you chop the throttle, bank over hard, hit the speed brake, watch the airspeed and drop gear at 250, somewhere right around there the flaps will drop. But, since you are banked over hard, you don't really feel them because, rather than lifting the plane, they just tighten your turn. Hopefully you finish the turn at a heading of about 180deg from the carrier's base coarse and can use the downwind leg to perfect your onspeed aoa as well as drop to 600ft.
  19. I use a VKB stick. Gladiator NXT EVO ‘Space Combat Edition’ – VKBcontrollers.com Even though I fly FA-18 about 95% of the time I decided that I wouldn't go crazy trying to exactly match the stick to any one plane. This one has a lot of buttons, hats, switches. Also it comes w/ 1 or 2 extra buttons or hats that you could swap in if it worked better for you. I am very happy w/ this stick. I use a Warthog throttle which works fine. It has a long travel which works really well for the fine control needed for carrier traps.
  20. I have seen the 'auto' button not do anything sometimes also. Not sure why. Like you I think maybe there are some conditions that need to be met, or a certain sequence of buttons push for it to operate. It will always come on when I try it a little later. I have only been using it for a month or so and at that time in a mission there isn't a lot going on so it hasn't caused enough problem to worry about it. There are quite a few missions w/ pretty long waypoint legs and there are missions that I am on my 3rd try to win. With those I really like the combination of BALT and AUTO waypoints when I hit the fast forward buttons.
  21. I agree, I'd put in a small pitch dead zone. I had to do that on my VKB stick. I use BAlt quite a bit. You notice that using any one of the AP modes makes the rest feel stiff. So I use BAlt and while it doesn't completely eliminate roll, it makes it much less likely to head off left or right. Something else I discovered a few weeks ago is the couple mode. If you are flying a route of waypoints hit 'waypoint', the top right button on the SA screen and then hit 'auto' which is the bottom right button. These put distance to the next waypoint in the hud and automatically moves that display to the next waypoint as you pass over the current one. Now if you hit AP and COPL (?) the plane will automatically fly your waypoint route. Hit BAlt also and you have a fully functioning auto pilot. You can couple to course I think but haven't tried that yet.
  22. Today I did a 'repair' and tried again w/ no success. I have started a ticket.
  23. Norman99 thankyou. Goes to show that learning from movies, novels, and flying sims doesn't always provide correct understanding. I really enjoy this part of the forum because of guys like you who explain how stuff works for real.
  24. Would they be planning to jettison the wing mounted tank asap? Just looking at the pics it seems that aero drag would be mostly affected by that tank. I am not sure about weight distribution though. I know that in DCS (I have never flown a real plane of any type) I have a couple of times had a very asymetrical load. I found that the trim could just barely compensate to give me level flight. The side effect was it was easy to turn in one direction and almost impossible to turn the other way. I could see the need to dump something to get a more even load before doing anything more than fairly straight in bomb runs.
  25. I happened to get an email from the satellite company saying I had used all my high speed data for the month. So I bought more data, and started a new download at 930PM and went to bed. This morning same thing, download stopped and message about server capacity. Is it possible to have Syria put on a flash drive and mailed to me? Worst case, is it possible to get a refund or maybe a credit? I haven't done a support ticket yet but certainly can. Thank you.
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