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  1. That is true indeed, but then again if its not 100 pages of you promised, its 100 pages of "you should have...". While every person would love 10,000 new things and features (more = better as far as most humans are concerned), I am just extreamly satisfied that ED put so much into make BS (and future modules) as real as possible. Anything else that comes along is just a huge bonus, and in the mean time I will just have fun playing it.
  2. While having a list showing what and when would be nice, I am sure most know that this is very unrealistic. Software creation is an art, and takes time. I would rather see something take twice as long as originally expected, but come out 100%, than have something rushed to meet a deadline. How about putting up a list like this; New Game stuff - When its done More new stuff - When its done Anyway, take solice in knowing, that when it IS done, we will be told :-)
  3. Well, not sure about anyone else, but I have no problems printing my manual on .... my printer. I figured almost everyone on the planet would have at least one printer. Maybe im wrong.
  4. Mugata I use the current bedrief.log file to determine game events. When players log there game report on our server, the cut and paste the debrief.log file there. I created a script to convert it to a more readable form AND determine who did what on the following premiss 1 - ALL weapons fired (even bullets) have an ID number. 2 - When "something" SHOOTs, its listed with this ID 3 - When something is HIT, it list the weapons ID Using the above, you can track what weapon hit what "target". Since the weapon ID is matched to an "initiator", you can easily track "Who hit What". For kills, they do NOT list what killed them, but by tracking who last hit a target, you can safely assume "the last hit got the kill" The information also distinguishes "hits from weapons" and "self inflicted hits". This way combat damage can be tracked seperatly from self inflicted damage (mashing your rotor blade or hitting the ground). Lastly (and thanks for this BS), any time a player changes helicopters, the ID changes. With any luck, ED will expand what is output into this file, but so far there is enough there currently to track all the game events.
  5. WOW That almost sounds like playing against another human ? Now there's a novel concept :-) While I do like killing AI as I am sure everyone else does, Play with other humans is a whole different ball game. No matter who good they make AI, it can never pull off the unpredictable stuff another player can. I think all players should experience both worlds.
  6. If I am given the option to fly a new F15 or maybe a Mirage, built based on "guess work" or "creative licence", I would flush it an play F4. There are tons of flight games out there that are simi-realistic-sort-of. BS seems to be setting the stage by making "as real as you can get", and I think most would agree thats what they should stick to doing. Funny how many go on about how this and that feature isnt exactly super realistic, then turn around and ask for stuff thats a complete contradiction (like the RWR or A_A missles). Come one now, there are tons of games out there like that, I want what BS is striving for
  7. Well, this problem has been around since the beginning of online play, and no amount of high tech banning/blocking will do much good. This is the primary reason you see "groups" and "clans" out there. There will always be people (even ones that actually learn to fly BS) out there, that get some kind of pleasure out of messing up someones game. Two choices really 1) - Deal with it. Kick them, shoot them, what ever. 2) - Password the game and know that those that get in are there to play. Yea, Yea, I know, it stops the 300 good people from playing, just to keep 4 jerks out. Well, as far as I am concerned, it makes little difference if you let the 300 nice people in, just to have the 4 ruin it for ALL. You will also see most serious players will stay away from servers that jerks vist. I guess it boils down to a persons own preference. I prefer to play online with people I KNOW will play right, and not cheat or abuse others. At least I know every time I go into a game, there will be no surprises from idiots. A lot of people join the structured game groups out there, and some dont as it is not for them. Thats fine, as its a personal choice. Anyway, at least with my choice I never have to deal with this issue, and I wish the rest the best of luck.
  8. ??? Maybe Im missing something, but I have landed a KA-50 on a carrier, and they WILL rearm and refuel you.
  9. Agreed CAT, we have ALL external views disabled when we play. Play it REAL or why bother. :-)
  10. Well, I can understand the piont of wanting super smart AI and dynamic missions, but there is always a trade-off. DCS has put a lot into a real sim as far as the flight model of the KA-50 is concerned. So, why not true dynamic missions and super smart AI ? 1) You think the system requirements are high now, for the above you would be looking at a really good system to run it. 2) It probably would have added about 2 years and a ton of money to the BS release (remember, sim players make up a micro fraction of gamers, most are archade players) 3) After playing it for a couple of weeks, most would give up lol I play a lot of F4AF, and I solved the problem with the AI back then, the same as I do in BS now..... I DONT USE AI WINGMAN, HUMAN OR NOTHING I have had the game about 6 weeks, and have yet to play a single player campaign mission. As far as I am concerned, this game was designed for multiplayer, and that is where it shines. I play with REAL people, and that makes EVERY MISSION a totally different ballgame. Another point, you want complex missions, no problem, make them. Our group creates all our own maps, and with enough triggers you can make it very close to dynamic. Its like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Well, thats my 2 cents, and before anyone goes ape on me, remember this. If you want all the hard stuff done for you, then why play a complex sim? pick a game that has everything done for you, like Farcry or Doom.
  11. I must say I got a chuckle when I read this thread. I cant believe anyone would expect anything different from a PCG magazine. They are there, primarily, to make money like any other business. So, to do that you cater to the majority. Face it people, "study simulation" is a dying species, and the fact the BS was made at all surprized the hell out of me. As a "group", we probably make up less than 4% of the Gaming audience. This is the way it has been for a long time, as Jane's and Sonalyst would attest. Dont get me wrong, Im a sim junky, and always will be, but we are a rare breed. As stated, the vast majority of players are ones who play archade games, where a manual should be 1-2 pages max, and any form of realism is replaced with "show" and "flash". These players buy games, play them, and move from one to another every several months when a new one comes out. THIS is where the money is at for game makers. So, how can we as the extream minority expect big buisness to cater to us. I take my hat off to companies like DCS and Sonalyst, who make realistic sims for us few, even knowing they can never generate the revenue with us as they could with the archade minions. BRAVO DCS!!! We may be few, but will hold fast until the end.
  12. Just to be sure I will watch for the next occurance. A lot of the time I am probabaly in hover hold, so this could well be the problem. I will do a few test by moving a bit (say 5K) and engaging the hover hold. Then sit and wait and see. If I find that is the cause, will trimming while in hover hold help prevent that. I normally trim all the time, but in a stable hover where all is clam I dont trim at all. Thanks for the help, as now I have something to watch for to know once and for all.
  13. Well, it still does happen (and about the Shkval calibration screen, mine does that every now in then while flying, just figured that was normal) I know its an autopilot and/or INU problem, but when it happens is usually while IN a stable hover (in hover hold, while moving the shkval box around locking up targets) or when I am in controled flight (smooth flight between 100-200K). Most of the time, at least when its the biggest headache, is when I have been in a stable hover for a while (sometime Hover hold on, sometime not), as this is when the helicopter goes nuts. Now it may be that the autopilots turn OFF after the oscillation point mentioned above, but either way once I have got the chopper controled again and check, the autopilots are off. Most of the time I can turn them back on and all is fine again. I have died a few times, but that is usually when I get caught off guard and cant react fast enough. I guess the biggest mistery is why, when floating there ina stable hover for 10-15 min, scanning for targets, al of a sudden all goes nuts. I have on a few occations flown back to the airport without the autopilots (happened twice when they got destroyed in combat), and while a pain in the arm, I can fly fine without them. While I know all of the good listed points above can cause this, the times I am confused about is when it happens when all is fine (cant get much better than a smooth stable hover). Thanks for all the idea's, and while it does still happen, at least now I have a very good saviour rate based on reaction without thinking lol. Maybe one day I will figure it out. As for the test pattern that popps up on the Shkval every now and then (for about 6 seconds, then returns to normal), I though this was normal ?
  14. LMAO no, so far no taliban screams, as that would just have me reaching for the eject button. I figure that your point of an INU failure is correct as the autopilots do go out to lunch. The big problem is finding what is cusing it. In a lot of case, just doing a mad stab to turn the three autopilots back on will fix it, which seems to indicate the INU is fine (or else it would not help). There must be a reason (maybe through some pilot error) that the autopilots say "lunch time, clocking out", I just cant seem to find a reason or common occurance at the time (as I said before, its usually on a hover or stable forward flight (under 200K).
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