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  1. Hi! I don´t know if it is because of this but I deleted the drivers of X45 and now it all works just fine. I never had the SST but that gave me the idea of removing all the drivers of X45. Thank you so much Panzertard! (And no. I had no mods installed back then)
  2. Hi everyone! I dind´t find any solution to this so I wonder how the "mode" -switch works on Saitek X45 HOTAS. The game tells me the first position of mode selector -switch is button_15, second one is button_16 and the third is button_17 for example (don´t remember the real ones). Now I want the first mode to be "combat" and the second one to be "normal". Then I map the button_1 for cannon and add button_15 for modifier. On normal mode I map the button_1 for trim and add button_16 for modifier. Now I go try it out and button_1 is cannon no matter where the mode selector -switch is. It´s the same thing with all the keys I map. Only the first mode works and the first one is always on regardless the position of the selector switch. Am I doing it right or where is the problem? It would be cool to have like "combat", "normal" and "emergency" -modes for example. I´m sorry for bad explaining due to my bad english. :D Ask if you want and thanks alot already!
  3. Hey! I´m getting really frustrated with this problem and I have no more hair to rip off! :helpsmilie: I just can´t understand what is going on because it seems that everyone else got this thing solved already except me. When I start the game it just won´t un-pause. When I press Ctrl+Alt+Del it goes to the Task Manager. When I click myself back to the game it works great. I start up and everything and after couple of minutes the keyboard does NOT respond to the commands of any kind. Even Esc doesn´t work. Then I have to shut the game via task manager and go back to the game. I think the problems started after I re-mapped my Saitek X-45. I´ve already done this: 1) open the file “Scripts/Input/Input.lua” 2) In the file, line 13 and 14, comment the commands that set the headtracker plugin path (insert two dashes at the beggining of lines 13 and 14) -- setHeadTrackerDllPath('./bin/headtracker/headtracker.dll') -- restartAllDevices() Thanks already. Yesterday it all worked well..
  4. So I guess this is not a real problem, but I couldn´t find any help to this. So the thing is that I´ve got different controls in Campaing/mission than in Training. I got used to use those controls the BS uses in training section. If I try to fly any mission or campaing the collective wont respond as it does in training. Keycommands are not on their places so flying is nearly impossible. I found out, that there are two options in controlsetup: Game mode and simulation. Does this have something to do with it? Or did anyone even understand my problem? That´s maybe because of my bad english. Sorry guys.. -Axu
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