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  1. Thanks for the update, but Windows Security flag the new version as a trojan.
  2. hi is there a way to force the text to push down, under the menu? it was working before but i don't know what happened?
  3. there is an update to the campaign with the latest update today, would you please tell us what's new DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign by 373vFS Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon: Added new strike targets. Edited SEAD operations concept. Tweaked AI packages. Added instructions - tips through "Picture to All" triggers. Tweaked the scoring display system. regards
  4. hi VA is keep asking me to update VAICOM every time it restart. i update it 3 times and still have the same issue. Edit fixed, i made a backup for dll file inside VA directory and deleting this file fix the issue, thanks
  5. is there a way to read the warehouse recourses using script when mission start? i know it is not applicable to read these date live after mission start, but how to read them when mission starts? i need to know how many airplane (or weapons) is available in Airbase when mission start. regards
  6. tried the slow repair, and removed all other mods but still the same. I can reproduce it multiple times. i'm using the standard version not steam and the latest op CPL3.trk CPL4.trk
  7. Thanks ExNusquam, adding elevation make it much better now. the smoke is somewhere between 295/296 degree, is there a way to put this in UFC? like 259.5 ! one more question; how to remove the OAP from the waypoint? i tried to clear BRG/RNG from the offset but OAP still there!
  8. The last pic, OAP near the smoke with 330000FT (54.31Nm)/299 degree not 33.19nm/295 degree as F10 map says. and when you check the HSI it is far away from waypoint 5 -where the smoke is - (pic not available up)
  9. I'm trying the new Offset feature for hornet, but it is confusing me. fist i tried to make an offset from waypoint 1 to a smoke near waypoint 5. from F10 map the smoke is 33.19nm/295 degree from waypoint 1 (Bullseye), when I put this information in waypoint 1 offset, the ATFLIR is not even near the smoke at all (using 295 true). - After multiple tries; I found the best ATFLIR position near the smoke is 330000FT (54.31Nm)/299 degree (true)! but the point is not correct on HSI! - If i put 54nm/299 (true) in the offset ATFLIR goes far away from the smoke (maybe conversion from nm>>feet in ATFLIR is not correct) - The best position near waypoint 5 on HSI is 33Nm/290 degree (true) did I miss anything here? - Is there a way to put 54.31nm in the UFC, without converting it to feet? - Is there a way to put 299.5 degree in UFC? - Clearing BRG/RNG from the offset waypoint keep the OAP in HSI? don't find a way to remove the OAP from the waypoint other pics in the next post.... other Pics ....
  10. i have the same issue here. I noticed also that waypoints are moving when slewing the ATFLIR if zoomed.
  11. Update: I tried the same mission with "Overfly" enabled in HSI, and it seem no issue there. but after I disable it the issue come back. it seems that the new implementation of overfly is bugged. CPL2.trk
  12. Another track for Syria map, same issue CPL1.trk
  13. try this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q2vH0WLm5mdu2U3GX8AkB1z6iIP-I_sF/view you can also try to right click the link and choose "save link as"
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