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  1. Wow wow wow...............................I wonder what the boys over at Falcon thing of these starup procedures. ED does it again truly impressive.
  2. Very nice indeed! cheers i enjoyed these
  3. Well I want to notice some other points on which we worked in this week. - Hydraulics system of chopper. The full design of that system is not easy deal. We calculated fluid consumption, pressures and forces in various elements of the complicated hydraulic system of Ka-50. All hydraulic actuators and other consumers will be accounting fluid flow and pressure. In the event of combat damages and loss of fluids will immediately affect on helicopter controls. - Lag hinge of rotor blades. With the feathering hinge and flapping hinge it will be able the rotor blades to make very complex movement as in the real rotors. - Implemented onboard lights. The chopper has a two moving search-landing lights (main and reserved), standard navigation lights (10%-30%-100%-code), one anti-collision light and four formation light (not implemented yet). Also in cockpit we implemented three type of illumination – for instruments, panels and NVG compatible. I hitherto can not remember all switches for all these lights. __________________ Чиж Eagle Dynamics ________________________________________________________________ Chizh, Great info- ED's attention to detail never ceases to amaze me.
  4. Andrew a man after my own heart. Top notch movie!
  5. skinns

    EA6B Prowler

    Awesome work my friend You have my sincere admiration. I hope we get to see this beauty in 1.2?
  6. Got mine last night- yes its small and sexy- the field of view was the first obvious difference between the TIR 3PRO and 4PRO- it pans to the extreme of the scene, ie LOMAC cockpits, much more smoothly then previoulsy. It feels more solid and accurate than the previous version, which was great anyway. Highly recommended. if yu have the cash to spare.
  7. From AFM issues to the inclusion of working 3D "Wind screen wipers" Now that is downright bizarre. Lets sort those moutains first before we start looking to fill mole hills. You guys should be careful what you are smoking, it does not mix well with avgas.
  8. I guess that we have not had any up dates because (a) there are still issues with functionality and stability of the prsent build? I am sure that ED are more interested than us to get this thing out of the door and move on. I'm not sure that I need ED to tell me every week that there are still issues with the patch. I can make that observation myself. They have never let us down and it will be released that we can bet on.
  9. Brit, many thanks for correcting my poor geography? Of course Masirah, 15 years is obviously too long for me! I visited with my friend whose brother was a RAF "creamy" seconded ed there for about three years or so as a Stikemaster instructor. Getting a visa was a major operation I remember that much. The desert was especially beautiful and the local women wore a very bizarre head dress which consisted of a large "nose board" to support the veil. It gave them quite a sinister appearance to the unprepared like myself. cheers
  10. I think those PICS come from Thumraite, an Airbase on an Island off the coast of Oman, known affectionately as Moon-base Alpha. I visited there in 1990 as a guest of resident RAF instructor seconded to teach the Strike Master (the export version of the Jet Provost) I never saw this low flying myself but the resident Jaguar pilots like to refer to. The Strike Master however also did a lot of crazy low flying and I have a number of "wet film" shots to prove it.
  11. See you in Cydney ICE great series this summer. cheers
  12. Echo all these posts- TIR 3 Vector is simply incredible- Once you are comfortable you'll never want to use anything else. It takes the immersion factor for this SIM several pegs up the ladder in my opinion. LOMAC would not be the same SIM without it.
  13. Very nice Skin indeed Sorry but youshould alos add "Lost the Ashes September 2005" A little joke between the "Pomms and Aussies"
  14. Cheers Wags, I'll take it when its offered- it wil be worth the wait.
  15. Oh Yes I will be buying two copies as I did for FC. I wish to support ED so they can eventually get around to building a Tornado add on............well it was worth a flirt was it not? We all need our dreams. cheers
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