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  1. In the latest video, EXP3 (SAR), does not achieve similar imaging effects at all. It actually looks more like a further magnification of EXP2. I hope that's not the end result.
  2. We have heard people talk about the apg73 radar we use. The imaging accuracy of SAR is comparable to that of F15E. But the performance in the video is more like a further amplification of exp2. It is far from reaching the "satellite photo level" imaging effect of SAR imaging. The radar echo of the object still appears to be a highlight point without the contour of the object. Is that the end result? Or is EXP3 still in WIP stage strictly speaking?:):)
  3. kaoqumba


    We just have to wait for F/A18C Hornet 2
  4. It's just a plan. They never promised to update it. According to past practice. When there are specific dates for major updates, it is often impossible to release them on time
  5. Has TA mode in air to ground radar been deleted? I can't see it.
  6. It seems that as I imagined, the so-called "exit from the early product stage" does not mean that "all the functions of the product have been developed". But I'm very touched that you are willing to exchange this information. thank you!
  7. About this week, will there be any updates? Today is Wednesday
  8. Hello! I have a question now. Does the so-called exit of early products mean the end of development?
  9. Are you serious about F18's plan for April?! In fact, F18 has been released for two years, but it is still not completed. According to the past development efficiency that we are familiar with. In two weeks, it's unbelievable to finish the work. Is it just another plan, without any commitment?
  10. I remember that at the moment, even if I had a "joint armed" DLC, I still couldn't command warships to launch cruise missiles. Will super carriers contain some new function commands? For example, can players set warships to use cruise missiles to bombard a certain area / target remotely?:)
  11. I remember a long time ago, they mentioned that they planned to add ACLS function. At that time, agm-62 was not completed. After that, similar news never appeared again
  12. It's just a plan, not a promise. Has been postponed
  13. Don't forget that ED plans to announce "brain melting" aircraft this year. It could also be an extremely advanced Russian heavy fighter. SU-35S? SU-34? SU-57?
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