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  1. Is it just me or is the L-39ZA/C very twitchy and tends to jump around a lot, even in small movements. All the other aircraft feel just fine but this one specifically just bounces a lot, anyone else have this issue or know why? thanks!
  2. shar321


    Is it just me or is the L-39ZA and C a little bit twichy and tend to jump a lot when moving the stick around, even in small amounts. It can be very challenging to get guns or even bombs/rockets on target. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing it? thanks!
  3. shar321

    A7 Corsair

    So does anyone have any new information on the A7 Corsair II or is it still under tight lips?
  4. So I have been playing DCS open beta and I am getting crashes, I will be playing and then all of a sudden im back to my desktop and DCS is no longer open. I have no idea whats happening
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