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  1. I really think or have the impression rather, that DLC usage really depends on individual technique, burble strenght and maybe some other factors. There is literally plenty of boat footage out there to show both types of pilots. Obviously no one is flying the ball with just DLC but a few bumps of DLC depending on burble strenght doesn't seem like something not practical or unusual. The system was implemented for a good reason.
  2. Personally I'd rather see someone do Enterprise eventually as it's the most unique looking and one of its class.
  3. That's all fine but why weren't any Tomcat fixes included? FM, lighting etc. It seems like you are jumping back and forth between the Viggen and Tomcat all the time and in turn delaying progress of both, making both userbases pretty unhappy. Didn't you literally say in the past how the Tomcat was supposed to be out of EA by March and then by the end of this year? This goal now seems nowhere close given the past and recent progress. Not trying to be rude here just giving some honest feedback as a long term customer of all your products.
  4. You'd only call the ball during CQ, CASE III etc. During cyclic it should be ziplip.
  5. It very much still is a thing. Simply look at the VSI when in the groove and on the ball, you'll get an updraft followed by a downdraft and some shake closer to the boat.
  6. Use EO/radar, look up, lock and fire. Easiest thing ever. Clouds have 0 effect other than breaking line of sight rn.
  7. Hope this means we'll get an in-cockpit pilot model for the Mig-29 then. Should be pretty cool with the visor and actually be more immersive for that off-bore Archer use.
  8. Clouds, humidity, sun, time of day.
  9. Probably looking at several months for this given the next major patch will be mostly for the Viggen.
  10. The B has the wrong nozzle gauges right now (should be a percentage).
  11. Yeah it's weird now. Thr 14B used to be a beast a year ago and now it barely hits Mach 1.2.
  12. Not really. Haven't noticed much of a difference frankly.
  13. I have also seen this happen against Mig-19's and Flankers so I doubt it's just Tomcat ECM.
  14. Those differences are not minute. Your last sentence also makes no sense. It's not entirely about ground clutter but the SNR, RCS and distance returns.
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