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  1. Just wait for Multicore…………………………….
  2. Yep, I’d love to see these sort of enhancements rolled in as setting things up can be very daunting for beginners……and dim witted souls like me.
  3. Here you go. As someone else has since pointed out, it has been in early testing for a while so…….could be a while but it’s better than it not being in testing.
  4. Apparently @NineLine says that Multicore is in early testing too……
  5. I'm pretty happy to hear about the incoming AI improvements and the Supercarrier upgrades today. They must have heard me .
  6. Be really good to hear some news of at least the priorities of what’s being worked on behind the scenes. I’m not going anywhere else but there are so many things in the pipeline, most of which are complex and subject to indefinite timeframes but the silence on things like MULTICORE, WX, dynamic campaigns is deafening. It’s pretty frustrating to not hear a peep.
  7. Pimax we’re the ones that got me really interested in VR but I’ve gone with a HP reverb G1 some time ago and been really happy with it while I wait for something that is worth spending the money on. It looks to me that Pimax is the only company right now to be openly pushing the boundaries on features and performance after a long period of same same same. I really hope their next two products are as cool as they sound. As to the aside, I have a Tesla 3 SR+ and I leave it in “chill” mode to drive around with the wife and kids, just occasionally to show off, I place it in “standard” mode but would one day like to find a way to trust myself and try, in somebody else’s Tesla, their ‘Ludicrous’ mode because ‘Standard’ is scary enough as it is…..especially when it is completely silent.
  8. I have a 3080ti and a 12900KF. I’m thinking about the OpenXR mod so that multiplayer in the AH64 will be a bit smoother. Do you think I can expect a noticeable improvement with this sort of system? I have heard it largely benefits lower end systems.
  9. I’m really interested the Pimax Crystal specs but I’m unsure as to how well DCS (in its current form) will be able to run. I’m also interested to know whether my 3080ti along with the XR2 processor will be an advantage or whether in fact I no longer need a 3080ti….. Any ideas?
  10. I was previously thinking that the LOS reticle was meant to be representative of a Flight path vector in its relationship with the horizon line but it is not. It is a pitch indication with reference to the horizon line. I get it now. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks that makes it much clearer. Of course I’m forgetting how much pitch varies for level flight in a helo.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I read that but the horizon line is still the horizon line and while I’m looking through it at something on the ground for example, how can determine whether or not I’m climbing or descending without reference to the VSI, in other words, is there a flight path vector equivalent that relates to this horizon line? If not, I’m not sure what it is useful for……
  13. I am still completely confused, not by the reason they have a fixed horizon line. I get that you need to be able to know whether or not you’re diving to the ground or climbing too fast while you’re looking around for targets. I’m confused because the so called horizon line isn’t on the horizon. If you place your flight path vector on the clearly visual horizon as perceived by the your eyeballs and thus achieve zero feet per minute rate of climb then the flight path vector isn’t sitting on the horizon line…… What am I missing? I am thinking/ guessing it’s got something to do with the “waterline bias set” on page 104 perhaps? I know that in my fixed wing assessment of whether we are going to pass over the top of a static cumulonimbus while we are in unaccelerated flight, we can use a transparent water bottle to see if the steady waterline is above or below the cloud tops.
  14. I’m really happy to hear that, hopefully this will include the new and improved general flight model so that we can practice formation with AI aircraft as Wags discussed sometime back.
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