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  1. @BiBa I believe you’re right. I’m forgetting the Pimax Maths. Having said that, we’re still talking more than 30 Million Pixels. I’m fascinated to know what platforms might be able use it because DCS in its current state is not an option.
  2. Perhaps you’re correct but given that it was originally indicated that 2.8 would come with VR performance improvements, that were not subsequently discussed it does beg the question, what has happened.
  3. https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/novasim-vr-mr/ Funny that they show it being used for DCS Hornet full motion training. They also suggest it’s affordable…..their definition of affordable and mine may differ a little but it would be fun to have a turn at least.
  4. From what I can see it is in essence the same as a Reverb……maybe I’m missing something but it’s tethered, looking likely another 2160 x 2160 Frensnel lens setup with notionally the same FOV. Not knocking it but can’t we move past these specs by now……? I think the Pimax Crystal is the one to watch right now, just hoping my 3080ti and 12900KF can run it with Open Beta 2.8…….
  5. That may be so and it’s a fair point but I had my 3080ti and 12900KF running a Reverb at full res essentially flawlessly in MP albeit with some decrease in FPS on the ground in busy environments but outside of that it was pretty decent…….. Then came 2.8………..
  6. Thanks, entering PB and standard waypoint Lat and Long's is a PIA.
  7. I'm finding it difficult to find up to date info on whether or not this is currently able to pick up F10 waypoints for the pre planned JDAM/JSOW pre planned targetting in VR with the F18? Assuming it's not capable, any ideas?
  8. So my rig needs to push around 14 million pixels at native resolution with barrel distortion supersampling to get job done but this 12K Pimax, assuming it doesn’t need to compensate for barrel distortion will need to push more than 75 million pixels. That’s around five times more pixels. My 3080ti and 12900KF is flat out getting 2.7 running smooth let alone 2.8 which is a whole other story. How on earth are we going to be able to 5 times more pixels out of current day build…….? Perhaps by 2030………
  9. Who are these mysterious people that @BIGNEWYspeaks of that have NOT had a FPS drop.......
  10. This was something that I wasn’t aware of for some time but it is because the Reverb uses Fresnel lenses and therefore to ensure that the barrel distortion is adequately compensated, the 2160 x 2160 screens in each eye are upsampled to something in the vicinity of 3160 x 3160 (or less if your system cannot achieve this. It’s up to you.) but if you want to know more google “VR Fresnel lenses barrel distortion”. Aspherical lenses do not need this but they have their downsides.
  11. Things are and always have been a lot worse on the ground, that’s nothing new.
  12. One of the great things about the Aero is the aspheric lenses that don’t need further compensation for barrel distortion but of course that comes with its own limitations too. Again, this is why I’m interested to see how Pimax attempts at combing both types of lenses go. Until we get to 15th Gen Intels and the 8090ti OC, we’re going to need to find some more efficient means of presenting pixels. Or we’re going to need multi-core and Vulkan.
  13. What I don’t know about MC and Vulkan API’s could fill libraries however, of the little that I do understand, both of these things can be integrated, albeit with massive amount of work, into the current game. If however, things go too far down the path of reinventing the wheel, we could end up, I would assume, not being able to use so much of the current functionality and mod capabilities. I’d be interested to know what those who do know something about this think…..
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