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  1. While we don't have the resources and manpower that ED has, a basic AI pilot is planned and at the minimum will have a hover function, other functions to be determined later
  2. Hired because of the mod Just to clarify, that video is not in game but in modelviewer, and the internal lights are not yet coded (although a very simple system to code). The Fragger is finishing up the animations of the new model before I am able to code some of those things
  3. No this is an issue with the font not loading. V1.0.1 is using SVG font and it has something to do with that.
  4. What language do you use DCS in? Some people have said that it might have to do with a language setting other than English could possibly be causing it, I want to check this
  5. The SRS install contains the redistributable and automatically installs it to your computer. That is why installing SRS fixed it. So once you have installed SRS (and if you've removed it), those redist files are probably still on your computer and you don't need to go download them again
  6. Please try to update your Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable files. That can be found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads-2647da03-1eea-4433-9aff-95f26a218cc0 And use the vc_redist.x64.exe download
  7. Not quite that easy to add to github because the internal and external model files are both over 100mb in size which github does not allow
  8. Most of the external and internal animations won't work in 2.5.6, this is due to an API function change in 2.7 that affected all mod aircraft.
  9. Awesome stuff!! Keep it up. I suggest you look at the F-16 demo for the wheel suspension as obviously its not needed for the AH-6. If you need to change the flight model look at the AeroData.h file, all the data points are labeled so its easy to change
  10. Well my previous comment did not age well. There is an update but also some news about this project as a whole. First I have released an update to have the option to remove the aiming dot and the textures are finally unwrapped so liveries may be done, big thanks to Particleman for that. 0.4 13 Oct - Added option to remove aiming dot (under special options) - External textures unwrapped and new basic textures thanks to Particleman - Added cold start procedure to kneeboard - Fixed bug where using the ']' key to cycle kneeboard pages moved idle cutoff and shut down engine - Engine sound fixed (due to DCS update) - RWR updated to more closely match real APR-39 display - Added main menu logo - Rockets able to be loaded when weapon plank removed - fixed As for this project as of today I will no longer be updating it or working on it, indefinitely. I will explain why in the future.
  11. I do have the option to remove the aiming mark working, just waiting to complete other stuff before releasing the next version
  12. Alright so like freebirddz said you can use the AH-6 as an example, it has a working control indicator. Basically there is no built in DCS control indicator, you have to make it like a MFD. You can copy over the folder ControlsIndicator but you will need to add some code to make it work. Look for the lines with ".element_params = " and those are your inputs that you need to pass from a lua device (assuming you have SFM not EFM). In the lua device you need to use get_param_handle() function to create those inputs. Use get_base_data() to get your control states. You can figure out the rest
  13. If anyone has made any missions with this mod that they'd like to share then I can add them to the instant action missions in the next update. Sure I could do something like that. Maybe not in the rearming window but in the ME or options section. In the mean time you can open up the texture for it and just erase the dot.
  14. Progress is very slow at the moment so I went ahead and put up version 0.35 since it will be awhile for the next version. whats new: 0.35 - Added zoom axis - Changed rockets in loadout from practice to HE and added White Phosphorus - Added menu background by Silvrav - Added segmented display to fuel gauge EFM - Lift now affected by missing rotor blades - Further reduced pitch-back at high speed - First implementation of ground effect and VRS introduced - Added experimental N2 and TOT simulation
  15. Did you delete the old version before installing the new one? Could you send a screenshot of the folder with entry.lua with the file path visible.
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