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  1. Hi. Don't exactly where to post this but the reason Im posting is just to make a suggestion. I would like to see a simulation for the F4 phantom some day. Your list of planes wouldn't be complete without this beloved and classic design. And while youre at it I would also like to see a complete model of the AH64 Apache helicopter. It would be great to see these soon. Thanks.
  2. Is good to see this game has come a long way with plenty of aircrafts for a simulater, but now that is done with how about for your next project coming up with more challenging aircrafts? I've waited over a decade for a dedicated F14 Thomcat game and its no where insight. Its my favorite fighter plane and one of the most interesting and no one seems to want to do a simulator for this plane. In its time it was the most popular and the most widely used plane. So please consider this plane when you try to decide which plane to do next. Another aircraft that would also suit this site would also be a dedicated Apache AH64 Longbow. These two aircraft would compliment this gaming site nicely.
  3. Hi. I haven't played Flaming Cliff 3 in two years and just reinstalled it but it's different somehow. Controls are too sensitive and I can't maintain level flight and end up spending more time trying to control the plane and always end up crashing. I tried choosing the gaming flight mode but it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. I am so sick and tired of flight sim makers and their usual boring planes. Its always F16s, F15sand F18s. What I want to see is someone interesting enough to do a good F14 in detail. I'm still waiting but have lost all hope. I'm sure that they will make good sims but I'm not impressed if they are going to keep doing the same old thing.
  5. No. What we need is someone with enough sense to do a really good F14 for once. Im tired of waiting. Either that or the apache AH-64 in detail.
  6. Hi. I downloaded the F18C for Flaming cliff 3 and can't get the AIM7 and AIM9 to fire. Does anyone know why? Not a severe problem because the AIM120 still works.
  7. Nice improvements. But if you really want to make the game more interesting try including more planes other than the F15C and what I would really love is more theater of operation. Its a big world out there and I would love to fly though other parts of the world. How about Europe and the middle east? It would make the game alot more interesting and would expand the game greatly. Just some constructive thoughts.
  8. Something new? When are we going to see something new in this flight sim? when is the new plane going to be release? Do we eaven know what the new plane going to be?
  9. New aircraft? Does anyone know when the next aircraft for DCS will be announced?
  10. New plane So when will they announce the new plane? Im hoping its the Tomcat.
  11. If its the hornet then Im going to be f******g pissed.
  12. F14 or harrier Next plane should be either F14 or Harrier. Flight sims are all starting to look the same. Im tired of F16, F18, F15 or A10. Lets try something new.:)
  13. F14 If I don't see the F14 Im going to be mad as hell. Ive been waiting along time for a really good F14 sim.
  14. New plane Hi. I just like to know when the new aircraft will be reveal, and any news of when it will be release. Thanks
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