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  1. Thanks for replying, Sacarino Sadly, that didn't work. I've attached a screenshot of what I thought you meant, just to see if I did it correctly. Did I? I still get the same control overlay as in my picture. I went ahead and mapped HOTAS buttons to brakes on and off. When I use the "all brakes on and off" buttom, the brakes zero perfectly. When I use the toe press on the rudder pedals though, the brakes immediately revert to partly on.
  2. Solved this but left the post in case it helps somebody else. Using R+Ctrl and Enter, I brought up the controller window. Found out that after updating DCS and also "calibrating" my Thrustmaster TFlight rudder pedals, the wheel brakes are always a little bit on! See the attached pics. With the help of Sacarino in a post below, I adjusted some settings in the rudder toe brake control mapping and all's well Moral is: Use the Control Overlay to troubleshoot. Original post as follows: Since updating to DCS Open Beta, all my hogs, A-10A, A-10C and A-10C II won't spool engines up to take off speed. Taking off is impossible, even without any payload and half a tank of fuel. When applying wheel brakes at the start of a take off, the bird doesn't even pull through them. I've checked my wheel brakes haven't somehow become inverted, have ensured airbrakes are retracted and it happens whether skid or no-skid. At Kobuleti, taking off Eastward in zero wind, by the time I get to the last hangar on the right, I'm just starting to get airborne. At Groom Lake, Nevada, I don't even get speed for take off before running out of runway doing 115kts - again, no wind, no payload, flaps at 10 as always. I've mapped keys to throttle and the throttle handles go all the way to the front stop, whether with the keys or my Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. I've tried my other aircraft; AH-64 (torque easily goes above 100%), F/A-18C (still gets off the ground nice and quickly). All ok on the Thrustmaster Calibration panel. Have tried other missions; my own and the DCS Quick Start take off missions too (never played these before, was nice to hear Waggs). The hogs all behaved perfectly before the update. Has anybody else had this issue?
  3. Guys, what an elegant solution - thank you! I wanted almost exactly the same scenario. I used a fuelling truck in front of a jet parked hot on a ramp. Now it looks like he's been refuelled, got the go ahead and, as the truck rolls off, the jet taxis for take-off. It's neat, it's thematic and... immersive! Very grateful indeed
  4. Dave317, I couldn't work out how to put the weapons on unfortunately - they'd be awesome. I got the LANTIRN pod to show up (please see post above) but that's about it. Do enjoy the files Jaeger and I posted - you'll see when you open them up (Definitely use the free program Notepad+), it's pretty straightforward to do your own. Jaeger and I have added descriptive text lines after each "argument" to show what each does. Thanks for the compliment, vladimusmaximus. Btw, Jolly Rogers is my favourite non-fictional livery! Both the Tomcat and Hornet
  5. Yeeaah!!! That is so awesome, Lutz! I was just about to leave on my holiday and thought I'd just quickly check if you'd replied to last night's post. So, so great! I love how you have each plane positioned. The nose wheel turned slightly toward you and the pilot looking makes it seem they're actually about to taxi out of the hangar Not sure if that's your Tridents livery though as I don't have that livery - for me, it's the Jolly Rogers from the looks of it. The Bf looks sweet! Isn't that F-14 huge in comparison?! And isn't it fantastic we can make our own virtual museum? I physically stood up and walked around, looking at your creation. Thanks very much, Lutz. Have a great week. I'm off to stay in a beach hotel on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I'll miss the virtual flying but hey, you can't have everything all the time, right?! Again, mate - fantastic work. Chris
  6. It doesn't crash the simulation but the Bf-109 just doesn't show up. Here's the sceneVR.lua file. I checked the name of the model in model viewer and it should be right... I don't get it, Lt Jaeger. I hope at least it's a place for you to start - I think you now know at least as much as I do. If you solve it, please let me know - from time to time I fly this bugger and I usually populate my hangar with what I'm flying at the mo. Good luck! Chris sceneVR - Bf-109K-4.lua
  7. Hi again, Lt_Jaeger Awesome of you! I did get some of the warbirds to work - B-17, P-51 and P-47. I'll have a squiz at the 109 and see if it crashes for me too. I'll post here and let you know. If I get it going, I'll attach the sceneVR.lua for you to muck around with. Going on hol's for a week but I'll get to it.
  8. Wow, Lt Jaeger - OVGME?!! I just looked into it - that is going to save me a lot of trouble and make modding much easier. Thank you so much for the heads up
  9. Great stuff, mate. Say, I figured out the values for no pilot and RIO: (50, 0.510) and (472, 0.619). And please do save your custom-made sceneVR.lua off somewhere. As soon as DCS updates, it overwrites and you're back to the original.
  10. G'day, Lt Jaeger - I'm stoked you like the hangar model. To get your pilot to look at you, add these lines below the line: scene.m:setArgument(117, 1); -- canopy up scene.m:setArgument(6000, 0.569); -- pilot looks to starboard scene.m:setArgument(6001, 0.324); -- pilot looks down scene.m:setArgument(6002, 0.640); -- pilot leans out You don't need the spaces between the lines - I couldn't work out how to not have line spacing in this forum I worked all this out by using Modelviewer2 in the DCS directory here: DCS World OpenBeta\bin\Modelviewer2.exe. This lets you look at all the animations for the jet and drag sliders back and forth, seeing what they do and then noting the mubers and putting them between the brackets (parentheses). I do the -- blah blah thing to remind me what each setArgument does - the program doesn't read anything after the two dashes. You load the F-14 model into the program by using the Add Model function and pointing it to DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\F-14\Shapes\f-14b.lods With other aircraft, find their aircraft folder and shapes folder then look for the biggest file - chances are that's the model. Cap from Grim Reapers put me onto this path with one of his brilliant YouTube clips - do check those guys out if you haven't already - phenomenal training videos. You can move, zoom in, rotate the model using left and right mouse click and drag or wheel scroll, maybe holding shift or control too... Then you move the zillions of sliders back and forth, seeing what results and then noting the number of the slider and the value of where the slider is. You can get asymmetric wing sweeps, have the RIO hold the handle thing, have damage to the jet etc. I couldn't get weapons added but the Lantirn pod is 606, 0.106. The sliders below that rotate the sensor on the front of the device. Easy-peasy If you make a scene you're proud of, please post it, I'd love to see it.
  11. Here you go, fellas. Just back up your sceneVR.lua in your directory eg. Eagle Dynamics/DCS World OpenBeta/Scripts/DemoScenes. Then rename whichever of the hangars you choose to, well, sceneVR.lua and drop it into that directory. If you check the text of the .lua file, you'll see that I've used my own, personal liveries on the jets. Naturally, you can replace that line with your own. If you don't, the livery on the jet will just be a default one. Please let me know what you think. If you'd like others, I've also made hangars which include the B-17, Harrier, A-10 and some of the other warbirds. I hope you enjoy them, have a great day! ChrisDemoScenes sceneVR - Hornet and Tomcat.lua sceneVR - Tomcat angled.lua sceneVR - Tomcat close.lua
  12. For sure, Dave - I'll upload asap. I have the Hornet and the Tomcat in my hangar. I'll post with that scenario and also with just the Tomcat. Got a lot on today but I'll get it happening. Oddly, I've enabled "Follow this topic" but received no notification that you'd replied...
  13. I've got my beloved F-14 in the vr hangar. Canopy's up, wings in overseep, my livery but I couldn't find a draw argument in the Model Viewer to remove the pilots. I can get them to adopt various poses which is great but I'd love those guys not to be in the bird. Does anybody know the draw argument for the sceneVR.lua for this one? Thanks guys
  14. All fixed now, fellas with the lastest patch at this time: 21 August 2021 Running the Non-Steam DCS Open Beta
  15. https://thechive.com/2021/07/30/friday-firepower-f-18s-ready-to-rock-in-high-res-55-hq-photos/
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