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  1. We are not saying that Spit and K4 never met during the war
  2. @Cunning_Fox, thanks to you for taking time to make a long list of what is wrong with the Spit. I totally agree on all points you've listed. so true, blacks out is to quick compare to K-4, maybe it's because german pilots are slightly more lay down on their sit ? I mentioned this bug on a old thread, telling that sometimes the engine dies for no reason, and you can't repair it ( as sometimes it dies on take off ) but people told me that I didn't know how to fly Spit xD ps: AI in DCS are bugged, they are going outter limit of what is possible with physics, but good way to train as they're cheated
  3. Then, tell me how to fly the spit. I fly the spit on DCS for almost 3 years, please tell me ... Should I run away when I see I K-4 ? I can't he's much faster than me. Should I turn it ? I can't, some really good pilots know how to outurn the Spit. So tell me how do it, despite the fact that 1 bullet in my spit will destroy it. Please Wulf, come more often in Spit in our server when it's full. You'll see by yourself how much is frutrating. Honestly I'm pretty sure you have a good knoweldge on WW2 airplanes, but here we are talking about DCS multiplayer.
  4. If we want historical accuracy, I have certain doubt that aerial suprematy would have been made with only MK IX, fortunalty English had better planes than this spit at the end of the war
  5. For the second one you mean that the plane we already have is not correctly modelised ?
  6. It doesn't mean they can't add new planes to be more balanced, they can keep realism and also keep a fun way to play the game.. I'm talking about this kind of balance for instance
  7. As soon as I get back to the game, I will record session. But now I don't feeling playing this game again for the moment. But as the thread title says: "Do ED teams plays WW2 ?" I would like them to play and be aware what's happening in WW2 servers from their eyes. Because at the moment, I'm not sure they are aware of consequences of their new updates in multiplayer...
  8. That's where you're wrong, ask Amazing how much bullets canon he has to take before his engine failed. btw : "This is completely false" I love the way you're saying that as if you were here and see it in live action ahah
  9. Kramber, I think you miss my point. I would like a perfect balance between realism and fun. Otherwise people will fly less and less Spitfire and Allies in general
  10. Please yes !! that would be a perfect option
  11. First I want to say that new DM is really good, thanks for your work. I really enjoy playing the game but, what the heck did you do with germans bullets ? Actually the game is unbalanced, I can touch 50% of my spit's canons before a german planes starts to have engine issues, in the other hand 1 bullet ( 20 mm or 30 mm K-4 canon ) can destroy my spit ... Whoa so much realism, the late 44's K-4 plane destroy my late 42's Spit with one bullet ... so much fun. Seriously guys, do you test your new updates ? don't you have testers that plays on multiplayer ? If you want people not playing the spit ( maybe it's the same with other allied planes, I don't know I only fly Spit ) that's how you do it ! If you want a realistic game, maybe put a later version of spit, if you don't, balanced a little bit more the gap between bullets or plane damage ... Thanks in advances and once again thanks for you works .
  12. Hi, I have notice since last fews updates that spitfire's wings become more and more weak. First I want to share 2 scenarios : 1st scenario: you get hit by a 30 mm on your wing, you have really big holes, you can see your wheel through etc .. 2nd scenario: you get small hit on your wing, you have only small impact, you see some little tiny impact, (not hole, only impacts) --> all the scenarios are in low speed before, when you are in the 1st scenario, if you put to much G on the damaged wing, the wins rip off (even in low speed), it's kind of normal to me, and if you are in 2nd scenario, you can put much G as you want, your wing won't rip off (even in low speed). Now, and since few last updates, even if you are in 2nd scenario, your wing now rip off if you put to much G on it (even in low speed). It's not happening all the thime, but to often. And because it happens not all the time I'm wondering if it's a visual bug, which is we see small impact but they have property of really big hole, or it's not a visual bug and now small impact inherited now the property of big impact. This new damage (when small impact) reduce the survival change of the spit as the only strength of this plane its his maneuverability againt the speed of german planes. Now if we can't turn as we used before it's begin to be more difficult to stay alive.
  13. Big thanks for ED team who they did take time to solve a lot of issues who was there since a while. thank you again :)
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