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  1. Thank you very much for your work, just finished adapting your mission for our scuadron needs, and i am impressed by the ammount of work and changes you made from previous missions. Congratulations. Regards.
  2. Gracias por la campaña, ha estado divertida. Un saludo.
  3. Hello Ataribaby, i am impressed by the coding work you have made here. I translated some of the texts in the mission to spanish form my squadron, and looking forward to that video about implementing this kind of engine to other missions even if i kinda have figured it out how it works already. Anyway, my complimentes on a great work. :thumbup:
  4. Just wait until hind EA releases... But hey... It surely doesn't slow down the progress this time... Completely different team! Haha Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Really nice mission, looking forward to those tweaks on the enemy cap, but still enjoying it a lot in it's current state. Thank you! Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Maybe the easiest solution for the time being might me swap the jtac codes on the mission editor? Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Excuse me... but i think you should think first about "making sure Gazelle flight model is right this time", and then, come to try and sell us your new product, as for me, i will just wait for the FIX of the gazelle flight model before opening my wallet (again). Thank you.
  8. Use bands in your logitech profile. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  9. Oh yes, i know i did it in an unexpected way, creator told me heheh, i will replay it entirely when i have some time. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  10. Worlds apart review. (i must warn you there may be spoilers here, so...) Mission 1 I enjoyed it, and i like the little details everywhere to be seen, i liked my copilot tuning the radios for me, hehehe. Overall nice intro mission, introduction to formation flying and landing on boat and a little trickier on the bridge. I liked it. Looking forward to the next mission! Issues I had two issues, wolf1 shooted the 2 trucks on the power station and they went a little bit into the forest scared. I had to come back to the power station and shoot them. The last issue was wolf1 landing too near to me and clipped rotor. I think i will remember more exactly next time my take off spot to occupy the same on my back so it doesn't happen again. Score showed 90. Mission 2 This mission is a cargo delivery that trains you on how to sling load, and managing of different load weights, and be fast and efficient, it teaches you to reach to your engine max performances and not go over them. Issues Listen to your copilot, do no rush things. The lamission is scripted to follow events, if you skip one instruction, you can screw all the events after it. I had to repeat this mission 3 times until i passed it, first time i snapped main rotor on the last high altitude delivery when grounding engineers. The second time IA helicopter leader didn't want to land on the second base due to a problem with a bush (set up grass/bush option under 1000 and IA will land np). And the third time around i got cocky on the sling loads and smashed a load, heheh. So take it easy, be efficient, and manage cargo fast but with care. Did i say i am enjoying this campaign a lot? Misión 3 Well, after completing the mission 2 the other day, today the campaign manager sent me again to mission 1. I don't feel like redoing mission 1 and 2 again, so i will play the mission 3 and rest like individual missions. Unfortunately i had no more play time today. Will report back when i complete this mission. Ok so i had some time today to give it a try. I failed it because i crashed at the final approach on rtb for being careless. Nice mission, and i liked the little problems at start up. Issues I did not see or ear the message that tells you to disembark troops over there bridge after the combat with the infantry (i just found out later reading the kneeboard), maybe it overlapped with other messages in the combat, not sure.still, after killing so the troops i was ordered to rtb. I recorded myself while doing the mission, maybe it gives you a hint of the problem. Mission 4 Fun mission, navigation and spatial awareness mission, but seems something is off at the end, missed visual on wolf 1 after bridge blow up, and did not know what to do after arriving to camp sierra. Felt kind of a bummer, i tried refueling there to no available, hm, dunno where could be the problem, still, challenging mission. I streamed the gameplay. Mission 5-1 Heheh, took me some tries to beat this mission, the problem i had was i was following wolf1 after deploying the first troops on the top of the mountains, instead of going a little bit down to the camp to get more soldiers up. A bit confusing, but the ambient of the war really really well done! my compliments. Then i got the message to go look for the convoy in trouble, and got mission success on the way there. Sorry no video today! So my little tip would be, pay attention to what you are being told, hehehe Mission 5-2 Rescue a trapped convoy operation, nicely done, eliminate enemy troops blocking convoy and then escorting them out of the forest, nice action. Mission 6 Ok, this is a tough one… This mission is hard for you if you are a freebird kind like me, i mean, you really need to follow the line of events, and be in the loop of the spected things to happen, so listen closely to lines of text, or it will happen you this, and get stuck without possibility to advance. I joined the campaign creator discord and asked him about my mistake, and he pointed it out to me (thank you!), i was not following the steps the way its meant, so i tried again today, and still failed the mission, but advancing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4bMC2I-sSQ, and i must tell you this is a tough mission, i want to get out of that valley! :-) getting there! --- So another try, i managed to advance a bit more in the mission, right when i get the choice to land at a powerstation or go straight to batumi, i landed, and after a while the fuel convoy catched me, but i could not refuel, a pity, i will try straight to batumi next time! the video of the try --- Ok i managed to beat the mission, let me tell you this, best mission, but hard, be prepared to use navigation and spatial awareness plus focus on your duty, all while being pressed by enemy, hard weather and fuel consumption, i loved it. oh, the video Mission 7 A naval recce and support for strike mission, all went smooth, and seemed easy flying compared to last one, hahaha Mission 8 Naval operations and some navigation at night, i had some trouble with a msg that when approaching senaki told me to proceed direct bearing 140, i did for a while, wich sent me off course, so had to ignore it and head straight to beacon again, which i guess was the plan, so misleading message there. After delivering the wounded, nice touch with the taxi and parking procedures, i like that. Mission 9 Night transport of a high ranked officer, navigation mission, and i had a problem to find kobuleti airfield because, lights were not lit, and because ADF beacon was not working properly, dunno if it is intended or not, but i had a hard time finding it. Then a flare at the drop of camp for the officer would not be bad as well, but i guess the point of this mission is this, finding things in the night, heh. Mission 10 Seems i am a bit lost, i tried today, but got no where in the line of expected events or triggers, seems i am off somewhere, i will try again when i have some free time! ---- Ok, so try number 2, i think this is the way to go, but is that landing zone real? seems, a bit slope! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMNCXvuky9s will try again tomorrow. ---- So another try today, i managed to advance a little more into the mission, seems it's gonna be a hard one like mission 6, still, making progress but not enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHUxiT7Q3_4 --- I managed to pass it!, you made a great work with this mission, it's hard, if at all, i would change the fact that all countermeasures get launched in the auto program, and let it go manually, but it's a nice touch, and makes you take another approach, more conservative, for second landing zone, and things at war go wrong sometimes!. Also loved the detail of broken navigation and having to rely on magnetic bearing and spatial awareness from previous missions. You Low Level Heaven give this campaign missions a lot of love, and it shows. The video (i fast forwarded to the area of operations, too many travels xDD) https://youtu.be/3hLYy591cdc It kinda sadden me that there is only one more mission. Mission 11 I did not succeed on my first try, got up to the area of operations, and killed some AAA but it got me head on with some shots that sent me down, too bad, will try again some other day! https://youtu.be/rssxc-gSN5M ---- So i gave it a try today, and managed to beat the mission, its a hard one, and ended it with many new holes, top management of engine needed for this mission, and accuracy on weapons, i .did not like the TOT and PSI script running all the mission, was a little distracting. The video of last mission of the campaign. https://youtu.be/L7_5KZLKK88 Overall thoughts, on the campaign, you will iron your skills with the huey beating this missions, some of the missions, are definitely a challenge, for example i remember navigation IFR inside the clouds, hard, but beautiful moments. I see creators have put a lot of work and testing into creating this missions. I must say they did a superb work. If anything, i would point the fact that some of the missions where too rigid with the line of events (triggers) and forced you to some specific approach to solve a problem, but i understand some of his decisions, and the need to tell a story inside of the mission. Would i recommend you to buy and play this campaign? Absolutely!
  11. Understood, thank you. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  12. Hi CHPL, both videos start at the beginning of the mission, i just linked to an specific point, but u can go back in time to the beginning. Regards. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  13. I am on my third try, am i supposed to land and that blue smoke on the hill? seems a bit too slope! Oh, btw, on my next try, the mission closed it self on my way to the area of operations (a bit after i was told to get low) and as you can see, i was low (maybe too much?) dunno if thats a problem
  14. Took me some days trying, but finally managed to beat mission 6, what a beast of a mission! Amazing. Be prepared for a challenge!
  15. I play in vr, and it's a fail in dcs, not many rain drops show on windshield, only at small speed or stopped, its a pity. Hah, fun that i managed to do the job of the infantry, i was surprised that the mission was so short! Hehehe Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
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