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  1. Server has been down for a little while. It is off and on. If it's ever down when you want to try it out, shoot me a message. It's running today, and I'll try to be better about keeping it running during US Pacific awake hours. Cheers!
  2. After a long hiatus, the server is back! I will now be working from home for the next year+. so I'll try to keep it running as much as possible. Hop in and enjoy!
  3. It's back! I checked last night to make sure it was working with 2.7. Enjoy, and let me know if you experience any issues. Cheers!
  4. New Tacview replay from a flight today. It was quite fun flying with a bunch of good pilots and hitting our slots quickly. https://youtu.be/PE0la1VA1RM
  5. Happy TG and Black Friday. Earn 3x points today in the server!
  6. That must be it. Now that you mention it, I do see a one-liner about that in the manual that I missed. Thanks hornblower! Consider it fixed unless you hear any thing else from me.
  7. I like it. It works pretty well but still a little buggy. I can't get back to the ATO page after I leave it, and also can't figure out the voice commands for the AOCS, REF and NOTES tabs. I've read the manual and tried "show tasking order", "show notes", etc, but none of those work. VA is recognizing me perfectly. The log shows, "Unrecognized: 'show notes'", "Unrecognized: 'show tasking order'", etc. Any ideas? No issues with the AWACS, JTAC, ATC, Tanker and Flight tabs... they work great. Thanks.
  8. Hi, still having issues with this after trying all the suggestions. Can anyone share screenshots of their settings? I'm using the same PTT for SRS and ViaCom. If there is an AI on the frequency, I'm able to communicate with it just fine. If there is no AI on the freq. I hear the switch tone immediately when hitting the PTT and am able to talk to other humans just fine. The issue still exists where I have mixed AI and humans on same freq. I will hear the switch tone only after issuing a command to the AI. The desired behavior is to hit the PTT, immediately say "switch" then hear the tone and speak to a human without interacting with the AI. I can't get this working properly. Also, new issue that used to work for me but no longer does: When I say "options", the menu pops up as desired, but when I say "Take 5" or "Take 10", etc, no command is issued and I am not able to interact with the menu. Not sure why this suddenly stopped working. Thanks!
  9. I'm having issues with the "switch" command while also running SRS. For example, if human players are dialed into the same frequency as an airfield, how can I talk to the other humans? When I first hit the PTT, it listens for a command to the airfield, such as "Inbound", and after it recognizes it, it gives me a tone and then anything I say after that can be heard by the other humans. However, how can I talk directly to the humans on that channel without issuing a command to the AI airfield first? I thought it would be as simple as hitting the PTT, then saying "switch", but that does not work. TIA, -GT-
  10. Server is back up! I've had a long summer filled with lots of work travel which prevented me from keeping this server going. It is back and this weekend only earn 3x points and move up the ranks quicker! Moving forward, I'll have this up on the weekends only. The kids are home doing online schooling during this pandemic and require all the bandwidth during the week. Cheers!
  11. Can't find the Syria channel for bugs, so I'll post here... Just checked out Ramat David airport. There are some floating wooden crates inside the open hangars. I landed runway 09, taxied to the end and pulled off to the left. It was in those hangars there. Also, when pulling up to a runway and holding short, there is the runway sign that reads 09-27. This should mean that runway 09 end is on my left and 27 is on my right, but it was not the case. The sign should have read 27-09. I've noticed this is several airfields in DCS, not just in the Syria map. Minor, but it leads to a little confusion. Thanks.
  12. It was down last night. I just put it back up. Cheers.
  13. How do you ban a player if they are no longer in the server? I only have the option to ban them while they are connected. Is there a LUA file somewhere where I can add their name and/or UCID to a banned list?
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