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  1. LOL another month on and another month of an ignored post and problem. Its there any point to these forums - that is the question! What's the point in having an open beta if your not actually going to acknowledge issues when raised, or only those your interested in. Not good enough.
  2. Bump due to nothing being mentioned in today's patch. Common ED....sort it out.
  3. Why once again are the community having to bring out mods for things that should be part of any new feature release. Keybinds i mean common guys how hard can this be? When i loaded up on patch day i tried to find the switch settings to bind to my panels and couldnt - VR user. Toom me quite some time to release no they havent been given some obscure name, they are just not present. Why are keybinds so overlooked - CONSTANTLY! There are still many missing on the A10 from the original release and axis settings, let alone the new helmet sight. Same with new 16 features is the point im making. When are the dev's going to add Keybinds as part of a standard operating policy for any new feature in a clickable cockpit - as in a minimum release standard (please dont use Open Beta, hence why i referenced A10) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319992/
  4. Guys please can you hotfix whatver you have done to mess the engine sounds of the Mig21 - it is horrendous. I'm at a loss why such a late stage module is having its engine sound files messed up? I know its in the patch notes but still - how does this not resolved at the internal testing stage...
  5. Please can you add the MSL keybinds for increase and decrease for the threat warning receiver. These are currently on the analogue axis only and i would like to map these to an encoder. Im sure there are many other users that would also wish this functionality for their setups! Thanks
  6. Meticulously gone over each system however i think you have got confused in your write up notes as the AKG is not a cluster muntion, its a cruise missile with a large warhead. The cluster is the GB6-SFW. Hope that helps.
  7. If thats the case then please can someone explain why having radio 1 button bound for SRS and the same button for Viacom radio 1 then doesnt allow SRS to work. when you push the PTT it opens briefly and closes itself. As for lies thats a nonsense, i'm purely saying how it is. I'm not new to flight sim software or voice attack or for that matter voice comms. I've looked around there is no clear guides on how to put every setting when SRS, except the manual, which i have done it is doesnt work with SRS correctly. It fails to transmit! The only way can get SRS working is to turn off viacom and do not have the same radio 1 and 2 keybinds. As in making viacom pointless. As for turn on hints and the jester wheel - again no clear guide. Are you saying there is an option to have the jester wheel come up? If not why has it been removed, aka removing functionality. Yea im sure if you just do single player and dont want to talk to other people then its fine, im really struggling though (and not the only one) re multiplayer and SRS.
  8. Well after a month of using the program i have some notes to make that would assist new users. Detailed explanation and user video on how to implement Vaicom and SRS together, and of course the upcoming DCS bespoke VOIP. Even after reading the manual setting the same button for TX1/2 and SRS radio 1 and 2 results in numerous issues. As in it doesnt transmit, flashes up briefly TR and immediately disconnects. I think the lack of quality instructions on how to setup and use the programs within DCS is a real issue when running SRS. I still hold, and its also been noted by some of the regulars on our server that the vaicom plug in is actually quite aggressive in how it control the host program of Voiceattack. I maintain my position that closing a plug in, Vaicom, should not terminate its host program, i do not understand why its been coded this way, a pain in the arse to be honest. We do not always want to use vaicom, we really do need to have the tray running to tweak things on the go and the ability to switch if off, without it closing voice attack would be highly recommended. Basically what is makes out is that voice attack is not worth running unless vaicom is which is nonsense. Also i will add that where is the option to keep the jester overlay menu? All because the programme introduces a direct connect to talk to him, in the heat of the moment, if it doesnt understand or you forget a command, then the menu is still VITAL. Why remove this so that the actualy ingame keybind doesnt work. Its again removing functionality becuase their perception that this newer system is better, which it isnt always. For this reason alone i have already disabled the plug in for jester. To be honest - i still cannot see the advantage of having the programme over a self made voiceattack profile. Im clearly missing something, but then again so are quite a few others on our server. Yet to be convinced.
  9. Why do cloud issues never get answered, not even by a moderator let alone from a dev? What is the point of these forums if people are posting issues but they are not answered?
  10. Simply not true re only causing cosmetic damage. Hail can cause a huge amount of damage and i know of an instance where it literally grounded a whole fleet of transport and attack choppers and also fixed wing aircraft (including hercs). This wasnt just grounding for the sake of grounding, it was in a high tempo period of operations in an active warzone. Point is why would we model this ingame - i think there is alot of things higher up the pecking order, like getting the clouds to at least render correctly first (especially VR), and move. So many other bigger issues in game that urgently needs dev time.
  11. zero, its actually pathetic to be honest given that any one of us if the mission files were not locked could make the relevant changes within an hour max for the full campaign (and thats being slow )!
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