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    DSC non parte!

    Si. PS con windows 10 ormai non ha senso usare altri antivirus, Defender funziona perfettamente.
  2. @AeroGator @UIV Any news about throttle?
  3. I have to move the throttle with the keyboard, if I move it with the mouse scroll there is a bug.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/heatblur/posts/pfbid02fqjQKQh3ACPYp9HmuDLiMWiaqkorAPDi5pqQZ3jbR4HKFEZ1PQuSpWKzV7ZR1H4Yl
  5. @BIGNEWY @Wags BS3 will it be released by summer 2022?
  6. but with mouse and keyboard sometimes it doesn't work. Why?
  7. it would be useful if you enable this notification feature. Do I need to take a survey?
  8. even if I always do it only with the keyboard, it doesn't always work. I don't understand why sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
  9. try, don't work sometimes.
  10. don't work, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  11. i have a few problem with SRS and UH-1H. The VHF FM radio which with simple radio does not work. SRS connected, radio frequency set, works for some time (not quantifiable and continuously variable), after few minutes SRS disconnected. I reconnect SRS while in flight, but it no longer takes the VFH FM frequency set on the huey, leaving the default at 30,000 (very strange). Why? bug o my error?
  12. the idle stop button, in the shutdown does not work. Collective at idle, throttle at idle, I push the button (idle stop), and the throttle doesn't go down.
  13. It would be useful to be able to follow (via email notifications or on the page) for each file in the user files section. So that every time a mod is updated, uploading a new version, the user gets a notification.
  14. the thrustmaster, had created a site where you could edit the pages of the two MDFs. I can't find the link anymore. 1) where can I find the link? 2) are there other ways or preset pages to be able to edit the images to insert on the 2 MDFs?
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