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  1. Yes you can if you have coordinates to your target you can set that that waypoint as the acquisition source and fire the HF in LOAL instead of direct and the HF will guide using other players laser. You will have to set the HF to search for laser code being transmitted by the other player. Regards, John.
  2. All good, it was all my mistake. I like the F10 options it gives it a little realism atleast with all the voice overs. To be fair it does say about having to use the F10 in the mission debrief PDFs. I might do mission 6 again though cause I dont think I had to use F10 for landing and it still passed.
  3. Ok Mission passed error on my end. Had to request landing.
  4. Hi All, As per title mission 7 keeps failing for me. Says due to not following ATC. At the start of the mission. Done it twice now cause the first time I thought I forgot to ask for clearance to take off. This is the steps I carry out. 1 - Battery power 2 - Setup radios 3 - Request start up 4 - start the plane up once given authority 5 - Request taxi 6 - Taxi authority given, First time I taxied and waited behing the other A10 waiting to taxi, second time I waited till all planes had taken off before I taxied to the run way hold line. 7 - Request take off. 8 - Continue onto runway and line up and take off after take off authorised. I have followed ATC and mission keeps failing any one else had this issue? Regards, John.
  5. yea re tried and it works till radar altimeter which is just under 1500. Thanks. Strange though that is you enable Auto ranging below the limit and then climb above radar altimeter it stays in Auto range. wonder if accuracy get diminished though.
  6. Im at 1600ish set on the mission editor hot start in the air and auto range is not working for me. IHADS still shows M1.5 after setting the range to auto.
  7. So excited to see a PC-21 coming to DCS especially one from RAAF love seeing the roulettes do there thing at air shows and events . Cant wait for this!! Keep up the good work.
  8. Hi All, I have a question which may be stupid haha. I fly on multiple modules usually A10C, and Hornet but I guess this is related to all the modules that use mavericks aswell. The mavericks I'm asking about are non laser guided mavericks. If I acquire a lock and then launch a maverick to a target using point track on A10C or a lock using GMT on the hornet and the target starts to move or was a moving target to begin with will the maverick follow the target or will it hit the area where the target was when the maverick was launched? Thank you, John.
  9. Noise is now gone. Don't know if it was the latest update or me deleting my saved games folder.
  10. As I see just the install of the update. I saw another thread with the same concern and that was their fix. Probably best to wait for ED to reply.
  11. Been updated now check out this video shows the new procedure
  12. Go to this site http://updates.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ and download the updater at the bottom DCS_updater_64bit.zip You need to Unzip the file DCS_updater_64bit.zip to any temp folder and copy (replace) dcs_updater.exe into the "bin" folder ..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\ or ..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\ Then, run DCS World game and repeat the process of install, repair, update.
  13. Fixed switch 3 on the ground power panel activates AIM-9 growl That was for the ground power switch, mine had nothing to do with that switch. In hind sight I should of checked first haha instead of just trying deleting saved games folder.
  14. Deleted save games folder now noise is not there on restart.
  15. This was to disable the AIM-9 noise. Toggling the A/A to on then off makes the noise goes away. In hind sight you can just enable the A/A button then disable it with out toggling the master arm switch but I thought if I toggle the master arm on and off it will do the same but it did not. only toggling A/A on then off disabled the AIM-9 noise
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