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  1. Foggy landing, 360 video best viewed on a mobile phone or grab screen to change view :)
  2. Just wanted to share a quick practice model. Still learning how to use 2.82, as it different to 2.78. Complete time lapse of the build here
  3. VF-103 RIO footage from our Wings Over Tbilisi demo
  4. I tried OB 2.5.6 for the second time last night. I let my performance settings carry across to OB from release. I am so used to using previous open betas over release, prior to 2.5.5. I am sorry to say, the current OB is absolutely awful, and from my perspective, has gotten worse. FPS was awful even at the MP selection screen. There was a weird bounding issue after I maximise my screen to prevent the mouse cursor leaving the bounds on my monitor output, the mouse bounds stay at the VR screen size, so I cannot reach the options. VR was showing details such as the little wing streaks on the AV-8B only in one eye on my VR even when close (somewhere approximately between 5 and 25 m virtual separation). Clouds in the distance did the same, and only showed in one eye piece - as id one eye the distance is close enough to show the object, but the other eye being a cm back is not. I was on discord VOIP with at least 16 other people, most of whom also sounded frustrated. I have reverted back to release. If a version like this did make it to release without much improvement, I fear most of my friends and myself would have to give up on DCS.
  5. It seems that model now updates in model viewer if you overwrite the mesh. Previously you had to reload model viewer.
  6. @javitronik, nice work @tobi, this seems to work really well for me, nice job. Here is a model I started on a while back, I thought I would see how well it exports to an EDM using your tool. Also figured out animations. I have a bit more to learn yet for animating individual bones, but I have read your instructions... family are safe and home, but full house means less concentration to figure these things out :)
  7. I have a video diary series on YouTube of my attempts at making a BD-5J flyable from Blender 2.78. I am going to be changing to 2.82, and using this updated tool, as it has features I missed from the 2.78 tool. I have a flyable model that I am nearing completion including clickable cockpit. I have covered everything to get it flyable. It is lot to watch as it is a diary and NOT a tutorial, but you will see every mistake I make and what I did to fix it. This is my first attempt at a model , so be warned I am noob, but I have got really far. I am going to post a new video soon which will show my attempts to get this to export.
  8. Cool, I look forward to seeing your video. Please when you publish it, can you link it in the comments of the video I linked above so I can see your work when it's done?
  9. I recorded most of the ground attack aircraft in DCS performing their bombing runs over Nevada. Everyone is friends with each other, so we have Russian and NATO aircraft sharing the same range :) All is Vanilla except the A-4
  10. This is exciting. I finally have a reason start learning the 2.8 interface. I see you have bone supported as well, and visibility - I can stop some of my work rounds :) Good job not supporting imports.
  11. I am having same problems. I had not played it for years, and was to part 8 in Deployment. Some of the enemy units are now deep in trees and stuff. I have edited that mission slightly myself. I hope to continue today, and that it does not break integrity checks.
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