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  1. Yes, this was described in the thread. My only intention was to answer FragBum's question.
  2. No, when placing aircraft there is no heading compass, unlike for ground vehicles:
  3. I just noticed this as well, and came here to report it. Apparently this bug hasn't received any attention.
  4. And ground artillery (non-self propelled). Edit: Didn't notice that they are coming: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/newsletters/newsletter24102021-whti59zqpgx5zv9n9an7uwtqaqha8pw4.html
  5. In the Fw 190 D-9 you only have the option to bind buttons so that machine gun fires ("MG131 fire", button A on the KG stick), or that both machine gun *and* cannons fire ("MG131/151 fire", button A *and* B1 on the KG stick). The binding for only button B, the button on top of the stick is missing. Also, the animation in-game is reversed, so that when you fire machine guns only, the top button (button B) is animated, and when you fire machine guns and cannons, then the top button is not animated. It should be the other way around. Not as critical, but it would also be nice there was a binding for the "safe" position, where the fire trigger is flipped back. For comparison, both the Fw 190 A-8 and the Bf 109 K-4 have the similar KG stick and are correctly implemented. Edit: Sorry, for some reason I didn’t see the Fw 190 D-9 specific bug discussion when I posted, even when I searched for it. Feel free to move it to the correct discussion.
  6. DCS have made a lot of modules over the years. One would get a much better overview of the modules if they all would be displayed on the main title screen at once instead of having to scroll through them at the bottom. The main page area is completely unused except for showing an image, and could be better utilized. Something like in the attached image.
  7. Page 279 in the Hornet manual says: "pushbutton X" should be "pushbutton 9"
  8. The sentence "If not in BYPASS mode or OFF, AUTO, S/A, or MAN mode will initiate the program." is difficult to understand. In which mode will it initiate the program?
  9. Hornet manual included with DCS On page 69 it is said: On page 386 it is said: I.e., page 69 says Forward initiates the program and page 386 says Aft initiates the program. Also, page 69 says single chaff / flare will be dispensed in the other way, and page 386 says program 5 will be dispensed. (It would be nice if the manual had a version number, so that you could easily tell when it was updated, and also be able to refer to the version number.)
  10. I can reproduce what's reported by "Maverick Su-35S" in this video https://youtu.be/OjtLvgA27hM, that looks like a bug: When dropping a CBU-99 from a high altitude, so that the CBU-99 turns down in a high angle (according to Maverick, about 45 degrees or more), then the bomb disperses at a very low altitude, regardless of the HT setting. I tested this by first dropping a CBU-99 from about 3000 ft with HT at 1500. I placed a helo at 1500 ft so that I could see that it disperses at the right height. This worked as expected (the bomb was still at a low angle). I then did the same again, but released the bomb from 10000 ft. From here, the bomb always disperses at a very low altitude, regardless of the HT setting. Running latest stable, Track file attached. clusterbug.trk
  11. Ozone42

    TDC slew / depress

    I had the same issue, where the motion area was very limited, especially when depressed. Thanks to this thread I could fix it. I 3D printed a new button and now the button works perfectly. You can download it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4714041
  12. Winwing confirmed in an email to me that they are out of stock and there is a bug in the website that shows that they are in stock, although they aren't. And that I should "please wait for our good news."
  13. But the shop said it was in stock, unlike earlier. Why would they show that it is in stock if they can't ship, and have me going through the process of registering and filling in everything, and then at the final stage say "sorry, no can do". I checked again now, and now the version with the extension kit that I wanted is out of stock, and you can't even put it in your basket. Some other versions are still in stock though.
  14. I just tried to order one, but once it was time to pay via PayPal, the PayPal site said: "The merchant isn't able to accept PayPal payments at this time. Please try again later or return to the merchant and choose another way to pay".
  15. A little tip for kneeboard creators: If you want to create kneeboards from PDF files, a simple tool is mutool.exe, https://mupdf.com/. The tool is inside the distribution ZIP (mupdf-1.16.0-windows.zip) on the downloads page. Run it for example as follows: .\mutool.exe convert -o Ka-50-%d.png -F png -O width=768,height=1024 Ka-50_checklist.pdfThis will create suitable kneeboard PNG files from the PDF. You can also select page ranges to extract from the PDF by supplying them after the PDF file name. I create my checklists in LibreOffice Calc, export the sheets to PDF with pages in 3:4 ratio (18x24 cm), and then convert to PNGs with the above command. (I'm aware of Kneeboard Builder)
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