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  1. I just found this script. I would like to formally offer my first born child! Awesome script, will be putting it to use soon!
  2. Oh yeah! Squadron: 104th Phoenix VFBS Timezone: 1800-2000Zulu Aircraft: F14, F16, F18, JF17 Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria
  3. Thanks everyone for coming out! We had a few technical issues (because I'm a smooth brain caveman at heart <3), but ultimately humanity won the day. Well get some stuff ironed out for next year, and plan on doing it again, but even more crazy. If you've got any video's, screenshots, ect please feel free to send them our way over on discord. S!
  4. IN, "Oh, you DID NOT shoot that green shit at me!" 104th_Fallen - F15C
  5. Mod download link, https://www.mediafire.com/file/ru0zntvd6t2t3lr/ID4.zip/file Install the Mods folder contained in the ID4 folder (not the zip) to Dcs/Savedgames/Open beta. Profit.
  6. Was an unfortunate typo. There will be three lives per pilot to encourage people to be a little less reserved about getting into the action. The event is scheduled to run for two hours. Winning team will be decided by total number of combined air and ground kills.
  7. Squadron: 104th Phoenix VFBS Timezones: 1800z to 2200z Aircraft: F-14, F-16C, F/A-18C, JF-17 Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria
  8. Hey my guy, Sorry to MEGA necropost you on this one. Any hopes of this mod making a return? I desperately miss it in my mod list
  9. This above mentioned lua additions do indeed let me spawn certain aircraft on the ground, but there exists another problem. Adding waypoints to the flights removes them from the spawn on ground start status and spawns them in mid flight instead. Anyone have any work arounds?
  10. I'm not sure why we have PT boats at all lol, . We'll take a looksee and get things changed up.
  11. TS IP: ts50.gameservers.com:9132 TS PW: phoenix Server IP:
  12. 104th is going to try this out, well report back if we have issue.
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