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  1. Definitely not happening in DCS. MSFS has zero standards of accuracy or fidelity - whatever the developer puts out there works in the game. In DCS, Eagle Dynamics must sign off with the 3rd party developer and uphold their standards of quality. In the case of the F-35, so much of the flight model, avionics, and sensors are classified that it would be a much higher bar to meet. In MSFS, these things can be approximated or guessed at, but Eagle Dynamics has higher standards.
  2. Early Access products have historically not gotten Game Mode at all. In fact I can't think of any product in the last few years that has had Game Mode implemented that started out in early access?
  3. I was impressed by the scripting possibilities demonstrated and the story. That said, it was a LOT of time spent on autopilot orbiting and just sitting watching things happen. A bit boring if I'm honest.
  4. Ornithopter in DCS would be invincible if it were shielded. Also did anyone else notice how the instrument panel was totally steam gauges? What a great detail, considering any sort of computers are banned in this universe. Great looking vehicle and cockpit.
  5. I haven't messed with it yet but it should be very simple. In landing configuration, trim and stabilize on-speed. Press the ATC button on the throttle. Throttle is now handled automatically to maintain on-speed AOA. Use stick to roll or pitch up and down.
  6. You can tune the cursor axis in the control settings. Adding a curve or changing the Y saturation should help you out.
  7. I switch Cyrillic cockpits to english. If an english speaking pilot is in a position to be flying and fighting in an aircraft, I would presume changing the labels to english would be an easy enough task for the armed forces in question. They did the same with captured soviet fighters by putting sticky labels all over the cockpit to help US pilots find their way around. Regarding controls, I like to experience an aircraft the way it is designed, meaning if the HOTAS controls are clunky or amazing IRL, I want to experience and deal with that in the sim too. I bind things as close as possible on my stick/throttle to how it is in each aircraft, and I make diagrams of each binding for my records so I can refresh myself when changing aircraft.
  8. Loss of tail rotor authority isn't modeled in other DCS helicopters although it should be. I believe the Hind is the first aircraft to model it.
  9. A) there's no point in discussing Windows 11 compatibility when it's not out yet and the only thing available is a leaked developer version. No one should expect compatibility with a leaked experimental OS. B) It looks like a visual upgrade to the core of Windows 10. I don't expect we'll see any issues with it, once released and drives are out for it.
  10. I don't trust Petrovich for anything besides ATGM attack runs. I line up myself, then jump up front, hop into the periscope, and sight the target. I use up long to line up the ATGM attack run. Once I launch and hit the target, I turn off the gyros and hop into the back seat again to evade. Petro loves to come to a hard stop in mid-air as he makes sharp turns, making us a huge target and sometimes getting into VRS in the process. Then if we're flying around the whole helicopter is teetering up and down, left and right. They should include a barf bag!
  11. Same here. Seems to happen with or without the pitch autopilot channel enabled, although with the autopilot channel is much better than without. Not sure what could be causing this. I can ride through it until in a hover and it goes away.
  12. I'm not seeing many systems that aren't modeled. I think some tests might not be implemented. Haven't checked the signal flares yet. Seems close to complete feature-wise, bugs notwithstanding.
  13. It’s possible to be flying coordinated with regards to the wind but still have a shifted ground track. That would lead to different readings for the slip ball and the Doppler system.
  14. This happens to every new module for me. I always have to go in and unbind stuff. It's a pain.
  15. Works fine for me on a hotstart. Haven't tried cold start yet. Very possible you missed a step or two.
  16. Can't speak to realism but I really enjoy flying the Hind so far. It's squirrely to pick up and hover or even do a rolling takeoff, but in flight with those wings she's very very stable. Unless the AI is flying her!
  17. Regarding not enough rudder authority to counter yaw - could this be an implementation (the first?) of LTE - Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness?
  18. Just doing instant action easy mission on Persian Gulf. Bright sunlight, looked like middle of the day, but I can double check the exact time for that mission later.
  19. Just jumped into the KA-50 after many months away to refresh myself for the Mi-24 coming up. I can't lock ANYTHING in the Shkval now. Had to manually guide every missile in on moving targets which was a real pain. Never used to do this.
  20. Same issue from time to time here. Not much I've found that can be done but tighten it back up as much as I can.
  21. This seems to be fixed on my system. Played several missions yesterday with no crashes. Crossing my fingers.
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