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  1. Worked with Forced trim release before Huey and Hind.... saw how it kicks in and how to invoke it. Bound it to my Warthog china hat up for Force trim release, right for Altitude, left for attitude and down for diseegage. Went flying and could not get it going. I changed from the china hat to a 4-way switch, same results. I saw in one of Wags Ah-64D videos a 4 instrument showing the force in action for the yaw, roll, etc. Which I do not see on the screen. Looking for some help here guys.
  2. Altitude hold, yes it has one. Flight path? Not really... as far as I can tell 'forced trim' the roll straight and hope it dosen't vary. Now I guess I can look down, work the MFD screens and hope it dosen't drift. Is this correct??
  3. What does the profile look like? Any profiles with Gunner giving flight directions to the AI Pilot?
  4. For years I have avoided Target software due to it's unfriendly nature in all my DCS modules, never used a short press - long press, just in game control options and modifiers. The Wags video on AI tonight showcased the SP-LP in communicating with George whitch looked good. My only thoughts on this is using "RSmapper" instead to acomplish SP-LP. Any other sugestions?
  5. Autopilot has not been fully explained. I understand Apache having a Force feedback system with (Release and Attitude and Altitude ending in Release) just like MI-24 HIND. Now the Hind also had (Hover button, speed, button and route button). Does Apache have that?? I also noticed that in the last video from Matt the Apachee in the upper right corner had the SAME HIND Stabilization (H-K-T-B) showing. I this going to be in english?
  6. I'm confused... I have a DCS World Open Beta and have had it for years. I am guessing that this DCS World Open beta is a standalone platform?? With this AH-64D Early release am I going to be able to run this, I think it is a Steam version? In all the modules I have already they specify will not work with steam. I do have a Steam account but never done multiplayer with it. please advise me.
  7. Just installed Reshade and it looks fantastic! Problem...ReShade screenshots no showing! Looked in my Saved Games\ DCS Openbeta\screenshots
  8. Since AH-64D ONLY has two catagories offered to make forum talk on and this sim so close to comming out. I appogized for placing an optimization topic on controllers & profiles. The ONLY other category left is wishlist. The only thing really missing is the idea that DCS needs to open up the forum alot to accomodate more than just two categories!.... Agreed?? With Waggs thankfully offering up tons of information we need an avenue to forum many questions about. Merry Christmas to all!!!
  9. I appreciate the dialouge guys, thanks for your help!! Keep your tidd bits of information comming in. I am definitely taking note on your comments and hopefully can take advantage of your suggestions. My goal is to tailor make a better customization plan in DCS adding FPS where I can, flying low!
  10. Fair response,true... I have all the helicopters to date and apache is the last at this point. Just got carried away with Apache. That being said the tree slider and preload slider may be the only ones to a short optimization, maybe more. I don't know!
  11. Every optimization discussion ever done before today deals exclusively from the perspective of PLANES and their views and FPS, thousands of feet in the sky. With the upcomming AH-64D Apache comming soon, we have never ever discussed the optimization for this new theater of play that will effect DCS.... "The 300 feet and below theater". The same rules I would think, MAY NOT APPLY, with trees and buildings as now a major focus of the Helicopters equasion in this new lower perspective theater that the AH-64D Apache now finds itself in. It's now the ground being close up, no longer 5 thousand feet away.... now the clouds are thousands of feet away as the polar opposite. Realistically most of the global DSC Global settings won't change much but some will. Please excuse this discussion as it may not be in the right area but none the less it is where it started. Thank you!
  12. Every Optimization discussion done before today deals with the perspective of PLANES thousands of feet in the sky. With the upcomming AH-64D Apache comming soon, we have never ever discussed the optimization for this new theater of play.... 300 feet and below. The same rules I would think MAY NOT APPLY, with trees and buildings as a major part of the equasion close up, no longer 5 thousand feet away and now the clouds thousands of feet away as now the polar opposite.
  13. Talk is Apache is probably going to be like Hind as far as Autopilot is concerned. That being said.... Hind also has all the "Trim Hat" commands (IE: Nose down, Nose up, Roll left, Roll right) for fine tuning the in flight controls....PLUS the Trim button and Trim Reset used for the "Force trim" function. My question is will Apache have the Hat trims too like the Hind for fine tuning the in flight controls? Ka-50 and Huey does not have any "Trim Hat" commands at all in their Control Options but both do have the Trim control button and the Trim Reset for the "Force Trim" function along with their own autopilot commands Thank you!
  14. Having trouble getting Force Trim switch to activate in the Huey. Control options says LALT+U is the key that does it.. Trying to get this going as it should be like AH-64D Force Trim.
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