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  1. Gunnar81

    Future plans.

    More Huey stuff is always good! Looking forward to it.
  2. I don't think this is a RAM issue at all. I run DCS on Steam as well and since the last open beta update my RAM usage (16GB) has gone up to 98% when running any scenario, any aircraft. DCS used to be incredibly stable for me in the past running open betas. Its gotta be something with the latest update, I am getting crash log text like the one below constantly now and never did before, haven't changed settings or anything. 2022-06-03 04:21:57.451 WARNING LOG: 1 duplicate message(s) skipped. 2022-06-03 04:21:57.451 ERROR DX11BACKEND: Failed to create shader resource view for /textures/liveries/F-16C_50/522nd_Fighter_Squadron/F16_bl50_Main_1_522FS_RoughMet.dds. Reason: Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation. I am going to test my ram just to make sure, will report back. **Update: Tested system RAM, everything good. Updated to latest 512.95 Nvidia driver and crashing seems to have stopped. I am not sure why but these issues were almost certainly brought on by the update on May 25th, the previous update to that was fine. Oh well...latest graphics drivers seem to sort it out.
  3. Wow, that looks just incredible!
  4. I really like the campaign SorelRo! While the OP is allowed his opinion people that don't frequent the Mission Editor have no clue what can be randomly ruined from DCS updates for absolutely no reason. Sometimes the simplest triggers go missing or just flat out don't work due to changes ED has made. I'm on mission 6 and apart from a few small glitches this campaign is great! Especially some of the set pieces you've got made, the Naval ships in Mission 5 supporting the Marines was really cool to see. Keep it up!!
  5. I think he's referring to Baltic Dragon, who is writing the manual for Raz.
  6. Yah I commented on the above post in General Bugs but I believe it should belong here as it just seems to be affecting this particular campaign. And it is still existing after the today's patch. I only find the stock ATC comms affected, everything else comm and freq wise seems to work within the campaign.
  7. This one has something wrong with it again, the L-39's just orbit after destroying the cruise ship and the mission doesn't progress. I was able to shoot them both down without any trouble and landed and got 80% so I wasn't that upset haha!
  8. This doesn't appear to have been fixed with the latest update either. I tested it in both the Persian Gulf and Georgia outside of the TEW campaign and the AM radio works so it is definitely something that is related to the campaign itself and not a general bug in the A10C or DCS.
  9. You are correct, its 3 minutes 4 to be safe always works.
  10. Also, I believe the campaign is only for the A-10C II upgrade?(I could be wrong about this but I think the title says A-10C II) If you only have the original A-10C maybe that is causing the issue?
  11. I think its really good too, and nice to have a campaign that isn't there to tutor you through the first few missions. The type of campaigns that do that are awesome, don't get me wrong, but I also like it when a creator challenges the player to know the aircraft well right off the bat.
  12. I can confirm this bug, it exists in the regular A10C as well not just the Tank Killer Upgrade
  13. I find toggling the button 2-3 times will undesignate. I don't fully understand what its doing while its doing it but the HUD symbology changes with each toggle and it appears on the second or third 'click' I am fully undesignated.
  14. Outstanding ChillNG, super enjoyable. Can't wait for the full deal to be released.
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