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  1. @Taz1004if you get a chance could please could I also ask for the Channel and Normandy as well obviously no pressure! And thanks for all you have done so far!
  2. No. The only thing windows will have done is add the igpu driver for your cpu That won't make any difference
  3. I don't have an iGPU, as my processor is a KF series CPU, and i cant think how using one would help, it never has in the past (when i had an i7-8700k)...
  4. Yeah i gather that ... i'm just wondering why he was adding it here...
  5. v-sync will make no difference from what i can see.
  6. also another observation, these are way cheaper than the other commercial alternatives 200 USD for just the UFC... that's between one 1/3 - 1/2 what others have them on for so bravo on price point!
  7. I use the takeoff and combat panels in vr currently, and they work fine without using the app, they just use lighting and switch positioning, I do have to pre-flight the panels. The ddi/ufc might require more data to work... So it's difficult to judge blind, but in 2d yes it should be manageable but possibly some display latency will take place etc... I did use the app to initially configure the panels and then left them alone. There is even a specific bundle for VR in the prices quoted, so I would think so, in VR they don't have the screens for the ddi, so they are just USB button boxes at that point
  8. Yes and no, in 2d you can reduce the frequency of the refresh, and in vr as I have the hmd on I just edit the line out, and don't allow sim app Pro to make changes.
  9. no i get an occasional openxr waitswapchainimage timeout crash .. but thats it
  10. sorry the nulnul thing was the forums wigging out. I never have registered as a dev thats very odd.
  11. nulltype openxr into the search bar, tell us what it shows... nullnull
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