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  1. you can reduce it futher if required or tune it with 0.91 etc...
  2. I either use MSAA, or if i need to not use MSAA then i make the following changes via a mod manager. the mask size seems to be held in this file x:\<installation path>\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\shaders\HMDMask.fx... specifically this part of the code float4 vsOctagonMask(in float2 pos:POSITION0): SV_POSITION0 { return float4(pos, 1, 1); } changing the values from 1 to 0.9 will reduce the size of the area masked e.g. float4 vsOctagonMask(in float2 pos:POSITION0): SV_POSITION0 { return float4(pos, 0.9, 0.9); } which seems to be enough to mask the edges out, both numbers have to be the same.
  3. one or the other there is no disadvantage or advantage to one or the other ... either deleting or renaming will have the effect of the calls going to the system32 dll with the same name. me i copy a copy of my System32\ d3dcompiler_47.dll into my Mod Manager and then use my mod manager to over right the one in DCS, because that means I just have a single process to mange for this and any other mods...
  4. You can, turn the light off... I do.
  5. Just tested changing the file doesnt seem to have the same effect, so i loaded a modded file , mid mission and it didnt have the same effect
  6. To be clear I don't use a desk mount, I just prefer a side mount stick.
  7. Honestly, in my case: I prefer the aesthetic it's much taller than the Alpha, so it works less well for me, i side mount my stick if Virpil did a F-16 stick i would likely consider that
  8. so reload the flares file in the middle of a mission? i havent tried that.. I can give it a go later
  9. That's what I do normally, is edit the relevant lua file for counter measures, and save them, that in itself doesn't present the issue. The same is true if I use dice to create the file, and then uninstall dice...
  10. Motion Reprojection is functionally the same thing...
  11. just tested walkman and I DO NOT get the anomalous behaviour with walkman that i do with DICE, the walkman UI is presented i havent done any real testing of the walkman app
  12. I will give it a go later today and let you know
  13. It's still work in progress, but, no substantive update on the work has been made, everyone agrees that this is a large undertaking, and I am not expecting any updates until ED's team is closer to a release. Silence normally means it's not going well or is more complex than they thought, it's perfectly normal in the world of software.
  14. this makes the Vaicom/VA interaction even worse .. normally i will get something like this 3:08:37.352 Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 release' 3:08:34.497 TX4 | AUTO: [ ] , [ Show Options ] 3:08:34.475 Recognized : 'options' 3:08:34.423 Listening suspended 3:08:26.713 Listening resumed 3:08:26.538 Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 press' 3:08:20.672 Nearest ATC: Batumi. 3:08:20.672 Player Badger entered module FA-18C Hornet, unit callsign 411 3:08:20.670 DCS mission | Caucasus FA-18C Free Flight 3:08:20.670 ------------------------------------------ 3:07:48.861 Plugin 'VAICOM PRO for DCS World' initialized. 3:07:48.853 Ready for commands. 3:07:48.841 Listening suspended 3:07:48.029 Initializing.. 3:07:48.029 Press LCtrl+LAlt+C for config. 3:07:48.029 VAICOM PRO for DCS World. License: PRO 3:07:47.679 Plugin support enabled. but with DICE 5.1 activated i get: 3:13:33.056 Listening suspended 3:13:33.055 Listening resumed 3:13:33.041 Joystick : 'Transmit TX4 release' 3:13:33.027 Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 release' 3:13:32.931 Joystick : 'Transmit TX4 press' 3:13:32.465 Listening suspended 3:13:32.462 Nearest ATC: Batumi. 3:13:32.462 Player Badger entered module FA-18C Hornet, unit callsign 411 3:13:32.462 DCS mission | Caucasus FA-18C Free Flight 3:13:32.462 ------------------------------------------ 3:13:32.178 TX1 | AN/ARC-210 - 1: [ ] , [ Show Options ] 3:13:32.151 Recognized : 'options' 3:13:30.901 Listening resumed 3:13:30.716 Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 press' 3:13:26.803 Nearest ATC: Batumi. 3:13:26.803 Player Badger entered module FA-18C Hornet, unit callsign 411 3:13:26.801 DCS mission | Caucasus FA-18C Free Flight 3:13:26.801 ------------------------------------------ 3:12:58.909 Plugin 'VAICOM PRO for DCS World' initialized. 3:12:58.901 Ready for commands. 3:12:58.888 Listening suspended 3:12:58.044 Initializing.. 3:12:58.044 Press LCtrl+LAlt+C for config. 3:12:58.044 VAICOM PRO for DCS World. License: PRO 3:12:57.696 Plugin support enabled. so this is in exactly the same situation the VA/VAICOM module shows the player entering exiting multiple times and multiple button presses for the same press...and even thought it recognises the keyword, it drops the menu option straight away ... it thought the button presses was me at first fat fingering something, but, its definitely not between the keyboard and the chair...
  15. I have a dcs-dice.log, and that seem unremarkable: dcs.log-20220130-161559.zip, i think this is the equivariant DCS log, i couldnt find anything useful for viacom/va... it's very strange, and i can't see how they would interact either, but it's clear they do... some how ... DiCE.log
  16. same result, the mod manager is just an automated copy ...
  17. yes i always use a mod manager, to install all my mods even in the saved games directory ... and yes, with your mod installed i get the behaviour and with your mod uninstalled i do not
  18. @Bailey Famous last words... it still interferes but in a completely different way, what happens now is when you press the button(s?) for Voice attack to recognise the command, it works but instantly forces the mic to stop listening , which means that extended menus commands are not possible ... which is a pain especially for campaign missions sorry to be the bearer of "Bugs" again
  19. I get a fairly solid 45 with my 3090 in most maps, Channel, and marianas being the big exceptions, though occasional drops to 30 still happen, incrilick for example. My guide is somewhat put of date, as I use opencomposite these days, but, the relative performance improvements and costs are still valid to show you places you can get perf benefits. Of the top of my head, shadows, clouds, and over doing MSAA are some of the heavy hitters, ymmv (as Edmuss points out below) that's with reprojection locked
  20. That seems to work perfectly from a VAICOM kneeboard POV which was the problem , i havent done extensive testing , but it looks good! Thank you!
  21. yep... just follow the instructions in the OP
  22. So if you look at the com ports, one of them will disconnect, and another, will connect as you go through the process and then disconnect, with the original report reconnecting, the one that the one in the middle is the one you want.
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