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  1. VRK gets a lot of system VR resources to work. Its outdated long time ago. Abandoneware.
  2. mmmmm, thum option press dont work as spected. When you choose the thumb option some times the pointer appear, and only works this way. Then playing with the options some times thumbs press works @BIGNEWY
  3. New update, in spanish of course (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_languages_by_number_of_native_speakers) If you dont understand, sorry, maybe its time to learn a bit XD. Feliz Navidad!
  4. If you have any other setting that matches within the specific profile of the module, the UI execution is prepended, which causes that the assignment does not work, and more if you combine it with a modifier.
  5. Right now it is not very usable. In the F16 you can eject the dome, in the 18 you can lower the landing gear. There is no precision in pressing and I flick whatever switch is around. The rotaries are impossible to operate without pressing any element. Come on, this need a lot of love. Right now it has a lot of potential, but it is 0 usable. VA por ti Dis XD
  6. I already have mine. I could not resist. The truth is.... I am impressed and not disappointed to be one of the first iterations in the implementation. The integration of course has to improve enormously, but as BIGNEWY has said, it is in the early stages. I have been able to start the F18C (with some other problem), but the handling of the MFDs and their buttons deserves it. Love it! Here first video demo XD:
  7. Yes, if you put anothe plane , example F18, you will get a F18 in spare parts
  8. But no map in kneeboard like have in PG or Caucasus.
  9. The issue is still present. No maps,
  10. Yes, coords lossed in undesignate press. No make sense have. Now we have only one store coord, when the TPOD is on, you can fire, then move, fire, move,.... but TOO storage is useless, bug?? y think yes. Before we can store coords.
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