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  1. This is a good book about all the airfields in the British isles.
  2. Ka50 is already a rare bird but an even rarer one was the KA50 N. It would be more realistic to give us this than the Iglas imo.
  3. Two Ka-50s were fitted with FLIR I’m guessing as a prototypes but it’s more realistic imho to give us the rare Ka-50N than an Igla which didn’t exist.
  4. Grabbed the book, I'm excited to fly the Kiowa in DCS especially just lasing for the big hitters. There is a picture of a pile of smashed MiGs at Bagram airbase in the book. This is me in front of the same MiG heap...I should have looked for a stick or throttle!
  5. Huge thanks to Phil, Dietrich and everyone else that helped on SoW. This server was where I dipped my toe into warbirds for the first time and I was not disappointed, from the hand built historical missions to the player recorded stats and Gold stars, it’s been an absolute blast and I’m glad to have been apart of it. I was trying to count up how many fantastic squads have been formed thanks to SoW and lost count. Huge miss, but I leave with a smile on my face, Thank you.
  6. In that Mission I simply tune to the radio on the ground. Tuning the return leg beacon is tricky as a lone wolf crew but it can be done as you still have partial control of the plane even in the Nav seat.
  7. I would say diehard is in the job description of any ww2 pilot. Kill the other guy and don’t die. Diehard one is the best one imho. Now I have a Mk108 cannon HO-HO-HO
  8. There’s a handful on the user files section. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/search/?tags=Mosquito FB Mk. VI
  9. Not sure if this has been asked before but a separate set of control binds for the navigator would good, think similar to Jester or Petrovich. At the minute for example if I set a rotary dial for gunsight brightness as the pilot I cannot use the same rotary to tune the radio as navigator. Being able to use some binds again as navigator would really help out.
  10. I made a simple mission where you tune to a radio tower and use the direction finding to home in. As you get closer it switches from music to Hitler giving a broadcast. When you bomb the tower or buildings attached it cuts the broadcast. It’s an homage to the raid by Mossies that shut Goering up. You can then tune to other frequencies that are pumping out morse code and fly home.
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