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  1. You say you 'just adjusted the missile' , but you seem to forget it has been grossly overperforming for years. And it only is adjusted because a forum member (not heatblur) did the math. And now, a DAY after said adjustment you are already backpedaling, stating that your own research paper is suddenly wrong.
  2. whoa whoa whoa ... now all of a sudden that holy CFD is 'too conservative' ? After all that research by two teams ? What exactly led to this conclusion ??
  3. well, do you have a 3090 GPU in your computer ?
  4. Yes but the difference is there will be more to come i guess
  5. I want: Engines A radar Amraams That's it And one more thing, a cockpit that looks a little used and weathered so it looks realer.
  6. It depends on the aircraft does it not ? J11's and JF17 are indeed invisible. But i think F16 and hornet can be seen when they are jamming? I am not sure on what i said above but i do notice indeed that J11 (or JF17) just vanish from radar completely when they turn jamming on. Then re-appear at burn through
  7. The sonic boom is indeed too shrill. I think it may even be able to cause ear damage.
  8. ahhh the old "do i suck now?" struggle Feeling that you suddenly (or gradually) suck and are "Losing your skills" is a very common thing. It is in Counter strike at least, and i imagine it is in any game. There are even 'guides' on youtube on how to overcome this. But what i find works best is this : -Try not to obess over it and just accept that there will be periods where you suck and periods that you will be better. -Don't over-practice. In fact, taking a day or two off completely is (for me) a much better remedy.
  9. This is not a helmet thing i believe. The same thing happens in vertical scan, or hudscan, or any other ACM mode. ACM in F16 seems extremely unreliable
  10. Also tacview ... I see people go underground for 5 seconds quite often like they are submarines. If i had to guess , either tacview has the mountain not quite right or some desync was happening.
  11. Hornet can indeed be very dangerous if they're not fully loaded. The 'memory' thing is really handy (altough a bit broken), but also radar gimball goes 90 degrees to each side right ? So with hornet you can basically be in the notch while still tracking your enemy. F16 has only 60 degree per side.
  12. When you mention 500 meters, do you mean distance from aircraft after launch, or altitude ? And am i reading correct that the missile should only reach mach 2 at that altitude instead of mach 3.1 ? And am i reading correct that the missile should decelerate from mach 2 to mach 1 in only 7,5 seconds, instead of taking 25 seconds to decelerate from mach 2 to mach 1 as it is in game now ? And when was this this actually been reported because i can not find any threads on this
  13. Satal : Around 30 minutes in : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1246850100
  14. @=52d= Skip 6000 feet you're almost right on top of the target. You might as well walk over there and deliver them in a wheel barrow then. At such low altitude and such a huge spread of targets it's basically impossible to miss ? Try 20.000 ft, no wind.
  15. Sorry for hijack, but can anyone explain to me, or point me where to find the function of this slew mode and what it's used for ? It doesn't seem terribly convenient or usefull in a dogfight ?
  16. Also set your INS knob to "nav" once you're done INS'ing. And i think you also have to flip the "DL" (datalink) switch to on.
  17. 105 and MK82 work ok. CBU 97 does not (for me) 97 overshoot.trk
  18. I tried, i can't find rdr cursor among the axis , will check again later maybe i missed it.
  19. Has this been fixed yet ? (october). 105's hit good, but the 97's are still way off ?
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