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  1. Thank you for the kind words... I've been working off and on with tutorial videos and they honestly aren't a top priority for me. I just make them for fun. But I did release another video regarding translational lift, take-off, and landings. I do plan on continuing the series, albeit it might not be at the fastest pace as full-time YouTuber's :D Thanks again guys.
  2. I realize DCS is a air combat simulator. However, after 1000+ hours in the SIM and owning/flying the A-10, Harrier, KA-50, UH-1H, and the F/A-18; since day 1 there's always been something I felt was missing from the SIM...a 1st soldier option. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but please, hear me out. It's always been lackluster to me rolling up on a target to save my ground units from utter destruction of enemy fire while using the roaring scream of the Huey's miniguns, or a ravage gun-run from the A-10, or from a strategic GBU hit and there's absolutely no response from the AI (unless you pre-record voice overs in the mission editor). It often feels like you're just a cog in the wheel of an unappreciative AI unit on the ground that gives no response to you when you just destroyed a T-52 tank rolling in on them saving them from death. There's nothing...just silence. Without playing a pre-built mission/campaign it make the gameplay feel like you're just there to complete a mission filled with brain-dead AI. Thus, it would be incrediebly immersive if players were able to play as soldiers to call you in for air-strikes as needed. Their perspective of angels of death flying by dropping death and destruction and hearing the engines roar on each fly by would also be in itself amazing to those players. Alternatively, the same result would be achieved if we could have "good-hits" call outs when enemies are destroyed near friendlies - or some other form of communication from the ground.
  3. I'm not new to ME, but I'm also not a crazy expert. Can someone explain to me how the RANDOM conditions work? My assumption is that it adds in a probability of the CONDITIONS to trigger the ACTIONS, but it doesn't seem to work that way from my testing. For example, for testing, I set it up like this: 1x A10 1x Mig-23 (on late activation) 1x Trigger Zone TRIGGERS: 1 ONCE/NO EVENT CONDITIONS: ALL OF GROUP IN ZONE (SINGLE A10, New Trigger Zone) RANDOM (25%) ACTIONS: GROUP ACTIVATE (MIG-23) My expected outcome is that there's a 25% chance of that MIG-23 spawning when the A10 enters the trigger zone. But booting up the mission 10 times, 10 out of 10 of those times the Mig-23 spawned when the A10 entered the trigger area which seems like a statistical improbability. I've tested various other times too and reach the same outcome. Am I misinterpreting the use of the RANDOM condition?
  4. Not sure if you found your answer but there's 2 easy ways I handle those situations. A) On the WP you want the unit/group to hold, under the Advanced Waypoint Actions add the Perform Task -> "HOLD" option. -Then select a "STOP CONDITION..." -You can check the box "DUR" (Duration) and key in the amount of time he will hold and the unit will STOP holding after that time in HH:MM:SS OR B) If you check the box "IS USER FLAG" and key in a flag number, the unit will stop holding until that flag is true. For example, if you have an A10 enter a trigger area at another location and set a condition that if the A10 enters that zone, turn flag on 10. Then if you set your holding unit to stop holding until user flag is 10, then the holding unit will begin moving once the A10 enters that zone (because the flag is now 10).
  5. Thanks! Just FYI, I updated the download link to a Google Drive public access. I didn't realize Drop Box required users to send me requests to download it.
  6. Hey guys I made this dynamic mission in which the enemy units and types varies based on how many people are playing and what aircraft they select. Because of this, it's capable of being flown solo all the way up to 36 people and the difficulty will adjust based on this. While the fun will increase with the more people/groups you have, I wanted a mission that could adapt to how many people can fly with you at any one particular time, along with what they're capable of flying. Below are details of how it works: ATTACK AIRCRAFT: If you or your group is only flying ATTACK aircraft (e.g. A10, AJS37, AV-8B) and there's no other players, then no major SAMs will spawn throughout the mission. A tanker will spawn after certain mission objectives are reached. -WP3: Regain comms contact with AXEMAN 1 on the ground who may need assistance. -WP4: Destroy any armor at Gudauta airbase so our friendlies can secure the area -WP5: Destroy the munitions and fuel refineries at Sochi airbase SEAD/CAP: If you or your group is only flying SEAD/CAP (F/A-18 Stennis 1 and/or 2) and there's no other players, then only SAMS and various bandits will spawn when various timers/triggers have been struck. A tanker will spawn after SAMs are cleared. WP 2-3: Conduct SEAD and destroy any SAMs on the shorelines WP 4-5: Conduct CAP and maintain air superiority within target area. ESCORT/SUPPORT: If you or your group want to fly ESCORT/SUPPORT, you MUST have at least 1x Attack aircraft player and various timers/triggers may spawn enemy interceptors that will attempt to take out the friendly ATTACK aircraft flight. *If you also have SEAD/CAP flying, this role can be used to assist them. WP3: Escort/Support your Attack flight WP4: Escort/Support your Attack flight WP5: Escort/Support your Attack flight HUEY: If you or your group want to fly the HUEY, and there's no other players, then no SAMs or major armor will spawn. You're mission is to deliver supplies to ROME FOB and you might encounter a surprise mission :). The success of your supplies mission will send reinforcements to help the ATTACK flight if applicable. If multiple people are flying multiple groups, then any combination of above can be true at once (e.g. if someone is flying SEAD/CAP and ATTACK, then the SEAD/CAP must destroy the SAMS before the ATTACK can get to target area or if people are flying SEAD/CAP, ATTACK, ESCORT, and HUEY, then all above will be true (e.g. SEAD/CAP must take out the SAMS, ATTACK mission is armor and munitions plant, ESCORT needs to protect the ATTACK, and the HUEY can deliver reinforcements to assist the ATTACK group)). In addition, each person added to a group has the potential to change the type and quantity of enemy units (with the exception of the ESCORT/SUPPORT aircraft - they are based on groups, not individual players). ***SEAD/CAP*** 8x FA18: Carrier ***ATTACK*** 4x A10 4x AV-8B 4x AJS37 ***ESCORT/SUPPORT*** *Requires at least 1 ATTACK aircraft player to fly this role 4x FA18 (Kobuletti) 2x F-15 2x F-5E 4x M-2000 ***TRANSPORT*** 4X HUEY Each group has their own mission/objective, but each group can affect the mission of other groups based on objective(s) reached. *****************************IMPORTANT************************** IN ORDER FOR THE MISSION TO WORK, PLEASE ENSURE YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE **ONBOARD COLUMN** WHEN SELECTING YOUR ROLE/SEAT! YOU MUST OCCUPY THE SEATS IN NUMERIC ORDER TO ENSURE YOUR GROUP'S MISSION SUCCESSFULLY TRIGGERS ON MISSION START! THIS APPLIES TO ALL AIRCRAFT. For example: FA18 - Onboard 060: FA18 - Onboard 061: FA18 - Onboard 062: FA18 - Onboard 063: Onboard 060 should be occupied first if you're flying solo. If others are joining you on that flight, the next seat that should be used is 061. If you have a 3rd person, he should take 062. Then the last person should occupy 063. *********************************DO:******************************* FA18 - Onboard 060: Bobby Joe FA18 - Onboard 061: Stan Lee FA18 - Onboard 062: FA18 - Onboard 063: OR FA18 - Onboard 060: Bobby Joe FA18 - Onboard 061: FA18 - Onboard 062: FA18 - Onboard 063: ******************************DON'T******************************* FA18 - Onboard 060: FA18 - Onboard 061: Stan Lee FA18 - Onboard 062: FA18 - Onboard 063: Bobby Joe OR FA18 - Onboard 060: FA18 - Onboard 061: FA18 - Onboard 062: FA18 - Onboard 063: Bobby Joe *FOR SOME REASON ENFIELD 1 IS THE ONLY GROUP OUT OF ORDER. SO IT APPEARS SIMILAR TO BELOW (IN THIS CASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE LOWEST NUMBER FIRST): FA18 - Onboard 062: FA18 - Onboard 060: Choose this seat FA18 - Onboard 063: FA18 - Onboard 061: ***FAILURE TO SELECT THE PROPER ONBOARD SEATS IN NUMERIC ORDER CAN CAUSE THE ENTIRE MISSION TRIGGERS FOR YOUR GROUP TO FAIL UPON START OF THE MISSION AND THE ENTIRE MISSION WILL NEED TO BE RESTARTED FOR YOUR GROUP'S MISSION WORK PROPERLY.*** You'll know the mission triggered successfully upon start if you receive a message of the proper amount of people flying any one particular group upon mission start. *For example, if 2 people join the F/A-18 Carrier group and 3 in the Attack Group (any combination of A10, AJS37, or AV-8B), then you'll receive a message on mission start that states: "2 Player F/A-18 SEAD/CAP Mission Activated" "3 Player Attack Aircraft Mission Activated" If you do NOT receive the message upon mission start stating the proper amount of players in groups, someone selected the wrong numerical seat. Because the mission is too large to upload here (it's above 10mb), I've placed it in a Google Drive: Mission Updated V2.0 (03/11/19): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hq5T4ZrJbobG4Q-QJfgtiZMs8_goEVU0 PLEASE leave any comments, suggestions, or improvements you might have.
  7. I'd like to also add in, while this may not be a bug, it's certainly an unwanted feature/outcome as in the example mission I have above it severely limits the functionality of the SA page as I only have 2 options: either hide ALL SAM from ALL F/A-18 players or show ALL SAMs for ALL F/A-18 Players, even if they'll never spawn in during that mission. The mission logic is as follows: 1x F/A-18 player = 2x Fansong 2x F/A-18 players = 4x Fansong 3x F/A-18 players = 5x Fansong 4x F/A-18 players = 6x Fansong 5x F/A-18 player = 6x Fansong & 1 SA8 etc. Thus, there will be times (depending on the amount of people playing) in which the SAMs will not ever spawn in during that mission (e.g. only 2 people are playing, triggering 4x Fansongs). While hiding them is a work around, this also means now no one will see them on the SA page, regardless of the amount of players and which ones are triggered to spawn in. In this case, I do want players to see them on the SA page, but only if they've spawned in. In the meantime, thanks for all the work you guys do feefifofum. While there's some things here and there that needs work, the amount of work that's already gone into the aircraft is amazing! :thumbup:
  8. I just tested it again by hiding the units on the Mission Editor and that did not work. All units are still showing on the SA page, even though they're not yet spawned in and in a "hidden" status in the mission editor.
  9. Attached is a screenshot showing the SA page for the HARMS showing ALL of my SA2 sites that are in "Late Activation" states in the mission editor on the SA page. I confirmed via the F10 map during flight that only 2 were actually active (as expected). Yet, my SA page is showing every radar threat on the map that I placed in the mission editor, despite 4 of them not being triggered to spawn. The EW page and RWR is just fine. It only showed the 2 that were actually active. I'm wondering if that DDI is pulling actual map editor data and if I select "hide unit" if it will remove them. I haven't tested this yet, but will give it a shot and see what happens. It's a bit annoying as this mission I've created is a 'dynamic' mission in which units will only activate depending on who is flying what aircraft and how many people are flying. Thus, in this case the units on the DDI screen it's showing will never activate because it was just me flying/testing the mission. Mission: User Created by me Bug: SA page on DDI is showing ALL radars, even if they haven't spawned in during play of the mission via late activation triggers. Specs: Motherboard: MSI Z370 Pro Carbon AC CPU: i7-8700K GPU: MSI 1080ti Trio RAM: 16gb Storage: 1TB Crucial SSD & 500gb Samsung 960 EVO NVMe Cooling: EVGA 240 CLC
  10. I'm on "X" which is what the carrier is on. I'm flying over the ocean to ensure there's no issue with signal. I'm 40 miles from TACAN and I've ensured that my HSI is zoomed to the proper level (80+ miles)
  11. How come sometimes my TACAN will show up on HSI and sometimes it doesn't (even though it will give me heading information) In addition , when pressing and holding the course setting switch (in either direction) the same thing happens. Sometimes it will provide a course heading line across my HSI and sometimes it won't. I've tried reloading a mission mid-air with no changes at all to the map and it will work at times and other times both fail. What's going on? Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  12. Accidental duplicate post - please delete/disregard :)
  13. Thank you!!! This is something I wasn't aware existed. I'll check this out! :megalol:
  14. I'm not interested in using my time and resources to create and manage applications for everyone to come together (i.e. being a Discord admin). While it's a great option to someone who is willing, I just want to casually fly multiplayer when able. I don't believe DCS does a good job at the multiplayer aspect. You essentially have to know someone to fly on multiplayer and it essentially lacks the ability to meet someone at random in their online multiplayer mode. That initial meeting or flying with a stranger typically later develops to a casual friendship of flying together, which is non-existent in DCS. I realize VS work for some, but I'm not looking into getting into something serious.
  15. VS vary too wildly on rules and regulations. Most require monthly activity, active participation, and/or other various rules that just feels like I've gotta be HR complaint and abide by standards that dictates my ability to fly with others rather than just getting up in the air and have fun. I want to fly and have fun with someone, not hold down a 2nd job. I know there's some out there that are a bit more relaxed, but I've never been interested in VS for reasons above. I flew with strangers for 5+ years in BMS and almost never encountered a bad experience due to the complexity and market of the sim. Many of those strangers became friends and we flew semi-regularly.
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