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  1. @kotor633 That did the trick thank you. Guess i dident get how DSR actually worked.... From what i found online you set the game to higher res and the GPU does the rest no matter what your desktop is at.. Thank you again
  2. Thank you for the suggestion but no go, tested all kind of diffent stuff in there Dont really understand why it should do it, it also moves Georges CP up the corner of my ihadss normally its in the buttom right side of my monitor
  3. Slap him, worked for me
  4. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but ..... Using Nvidia DSR to play in 3840x1620 on a 2560x1080 monitor my kneeboard disapear. What file do i need to edit to bring it back into view? Guessing its because it renders 3840 then downscales it to 2560 leaving the KB behind outside of my screen or something (no idea what im talking about rly )
  5. Now i know nothing about the amazing tech stuff you guys do so dont even know if this can be done, but playing on a server with outside view off i couldent get George to fire no matter how much i yelled at him Turns out he was dead, from my seat all looked normal, dont know how hard it would be to have his head fall to the side or something like that from the inside view (I did have mirrors off maybe it would show him as dead in those?)
  6. Ignore, found a .bat file that did the trick
  7. Got a weird problem im struggling to understand Needed to do a full reinstall as my ssd died on me, now i used to have my saved games folder on my D drive. Installing the game now it creates nothing in my saved games folder, neither on my old location or the default user/saved games folder on C drive, it does however just creates a DCS.openbeta folder on my E drive (current game drive). Does it really matter? Just see me getting problems in the future as most stuff look for a saved games folder. Tried reinstalling 2 times, it still just creates the DCS.openbeta on E drive. Hope that made sense
  8. Gazelle L version not flyable anymore? (been away so sorry if this been asked)
  9. Fixed, it was Nvidia CP that has for some reason added some funky setting to my monitor colors, so now even the pictures above look normal, weird stuff
  10. Resetting shaders, repair all the normal stuff, still game looks real washed out at night. Any ideas?
  11. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310654/?sphrase_id=2615289
  12. Click on a base, open base menu. Yes. just start a new one.
  13. Sorry for the bad picture, snapped it on my phone on a train ride :) Anyone know if this plate in the pit is still available for the new pit?
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