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  1. I'm pretty sure @BIGNEWY reads here also, but it would be great to get feedback from ED what they think about that short/long press idea. Probably they already have the intention to make it work like that.
  2. I can't remember where, but I made exact that short/long press suggestion to ED for how the VOIP and COM menu should work as Deka seems to implement it now. Thats by far the best idea imho and it would be great if that would work all over DCS.
  3. Will this annoying Overlay ever fixed / removed? I hate it.
  4. Ich sehe die Terminversprechen bei HB nicht so eng. Mag sein dass sie (viel) später liefern, aber ich habe immer das Gefühl dass sie sehr bemüht sind. Und wenn sie liefern, dann war das noch immer Bombe. Der EA Status des Viggens oder der Tomcat ist meilenweit über dem was andere als "complete" bezeichnen und aus dem EA nehmen... Gut Ding braucht Weile...
  5. Einfach auswendig merken welche Waffen welches Gewicht haben. Habe mir vor langer Zeit mal dieses Cheatsheet gemacht... In Echt war ein überladener Flieger auch keine Garantie für einen Crash, aber es ist in DCS schon ganz gut simuliert. Wenn die F-14 richtig gelandet wird (mit Speedbreak und DLC, dann vielleicht noch etwas Drag wie Tanks und Missiles) dann ist das mit mehr als 54.000lbs schon ein ziemlich schwieriges Unterfangen... F-14 Max. Trap weight.txt
  6. Wenn die Brille nicht genug sieht (also Raum zu dunkel etc.) dann schränkt sie die DOF ein. Dein Problem wird also vermutlich ein zu schlecht ausgeleuchteter Raum sein.
  7. Did anything changed for you with the latest SteamVR Beta or DCS Openbeta update? Since a few days the problem seems to be solved for me.
  8. I'm still having that problem, no more idea how I could solve it. Re-installed Kneeboard Builder multiple times and it always crashes as soon as I click ".miz". No crash log, no error message. Highly appreciate any help, I really need that piece of software often as I make a lot of missions for my squad...
  9. Since a few weeks, I have a problem with the kneeboard builder: I can import a PDF kneeboard (and it also gets correctly converted), but when I click on ".miz" to add the kneeboard to a mission, the kneeboardbuilder app waits about one second and then just shuts down. No error message or similar. I also looked out for a log file but was not able to find one. Any suggestions? Already did a new installation and of course updated to the newest version.
  10. There are also several other helpers that can be turned of mission side. Who also "don't affect others". Its simple, as @QuiGon said: I want a realistic server, so I want to be able to turn it off. Well, probably its not correct to say to turn it off serverside, probably its better to turn it off in the mission (as I said, where you can also turn off other helpers).
  11. So, nearly two years later, will this small piece of texture ever find a way into the cockpit?
  12. PLEASE add the option to turn it off from the serverside also.
  13. Yes, and it is shown in the Lantirn anyway, but honestly, I want to use the wheel. With the G2 I can read it now without problems even without moving my head into its direction or useing VR Zoom. But I can't read it because of the tooltip.
  14. Heatblur should deliver what they have promised. Until yet, they made an awesome job. Personaly, after that, I would welcome any kind of addition to the Tomcat. Simply because it would make it more awesome, and I know HB would deliver fair and with quality. So lets see how things are going after the "sold" F-14 is finished. Probably there will be extra paid additions like that? Why not? But I guess there should yet be no discussion about the project after two (or three) not yet finished projects...
  15. @BIGNEWY Can you try to push for a fix of this low hanging fruit?
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