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  1. Ok cool, I learned something then!
  2. I am still learning MOOSE, but do you need spaces between the parenthesis in some of those? ( "Oscar" ); ( 0, 0 , 10000 ); ( 600 ); ( 30, 0 ) ?? I'm sure someone that actually knows MOOSE will chime in though!
  3. Question regarding A2A Dispatcher... What would make my Blue F-16 AI planes fire on other Blue aircraft?? They're killing anything and everything in the air, red or blue, doesn't matter. If it moves, it dies. One just shot my Huey down, lol. I've never seen this behavior, but that doesn't mean much, haha. Edited to add that it had been a red-only set up initially, which had been running fine. I only added the blue side tonight and that's when I noticed the friendly fire. I copy/pasted a lot of the red stuff in the script for the blue side, so maybe I forgot to change one of the parameters? Edit again - Think I figured it out. Made separate scripts for both red and blue sides. Seems to be working fine now. Still learning this stuff; I guess maybe you can't make red and blue into the same script file?
  4. Ah, thanks, Grimes! So that one-hour thing is true and they will repair? That's great, thank you!
  5. So, I take it that's a "no" on the ability to repair runways.
  6. I ran a search in this forum for "runway repair," which pulled a bazillion results, none of which seemed relevant. Anyone know if it's possible to repair a runway and return it to service after it has been bombed? I started working on a new mission where enemy flights will continually respawn (once destroyed) from their base, and the objective is to take their runway out to prevent them from departing. However, I'd like to be able to return the base to service after a certain amount of time has passed. I did a Google search as well, and thought I saw reference to runways being fixed after a 60 minute time period has elapsed, but that thread was really old and almost seemed like folks were saying it was a bug or a script. Thanks!
  7. You bet, thanks. Edit: Issue posted. Also, I wanted to ask: is anyone else experiencing this issue as well? I've used the CTLD script plenty in the past without issue, so I'm curious if it's happening to others or not. If not, it's probably just something on my end.
  8. Ahh, that makes a lot more sense! No, I don't have CA, but now I have an excuse to get it, lol. Thanks!
  9. Okay, so I went into the F10 map and clicked on a CTLD-spawned Hawk site. No special controls pop up when I click on one of the units. I see all the unit info, but not showing a control menu anywhere. I've checked all the mission settings, and can't find anything that would lead me to believe it has to be "checked/allowed." I guess I'm at a loss again, but thanks for the idea anyway!
  10. Interesting! Never knew that. Thanks! I’ll play around with it this morning.
  11. So this is something I’ve always wondered about- is there a way to change that and other ROE actions for a CTLD-spawned Hawk or other air defense system? I have another Hawk site that’s active from mission start (placed in Editor), and it works fine.
  12. Hey all, I threw a CTLD mission together so I could fly the Huey for a bit again. Is there a problem with the Hawk site right now? I saw comments here and there about AI behaving oddly, but thought it was just planes, etc. I've deployed some Hawk sites and they never track/engage enemy aircraft, so maybe this falls under the same AI issue?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwtX4423SzU I made a video about the basics of CTLD. I'm not terribly gifted with CTLD, but wanted to share a little of what I do know to help others start out. Again, it just covers the basics. As for a CTLD Discord? No idea. There is a MOOSE Discord, if you want to go that route.
  14. Are you using a custom load out, or a preset load? I couldn’t get things to fire and then read you need to use a preset from the drop down box (most of the time). Started working for me.
  15. Some aircraft are better rate fighters and prefer a 2-circle fight. If you have two planes, nose-to-tail, chasing each other in the same circle, whoever can move around that circle more quickly would eventually catch the other one for a shot. Other planes, like the F-18, have a ton of nose authority and can really point the nose quickly. If you merge with someone and end up head-to-head in a 1-circle fight, the plane that can move the nose more quickly onto the other will have the first chance at a shot. Downside is you’re usually super slow after killing your energy for that shot, so make it count. That’s the general answer to your question I think, lol. Edit- didn’t watch the video. Just did a brief drive-by/response to your post.
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