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  1. HMD Laser never countdown after drop any LGB The HUD Laser countdown work fine but not HMD You can see the screenshot 10 sec with hud laser working while hmd shown 0 laser and in track show hmd remain 0 doing a laser count down reproduce: A/G Mode Pick any laser bomb Make sure set up a laser Make sure HMD turn on Pick any target and drop a laser bomb Turn your camrea left or right and note HMD Laser count down broke but only hud laser count continue to work See Track and screenshot This happen both MP/SP HMD Laser never count down.trk
  2. If I Jettison the harm the station I select it will go active without either power on(Viper) or Lock up a SAMs(Hornet) This would hit a Friendly SAMs if the harm was active without even power on nor lockup reproduce: Pick any Maps Place down a SAMs or EW Rader Load a Harm on any station Place a aircraft and light of sight with SAMs or EW Rader and make sure you in-range of SAMs or EW Rader Select a station to jettion harm do not go to AG mode(Hornet and Viper) lock up or power up(Viper) Jettion the harm and watch the harm go active without power on or lockup I also Aware of Hornet Harm but it also happen on Viper Harm reproduce 2 See on Track: F16 Harm Issues.trk F18 Harm Issues.trk
  3. When you TGT at waypoint area after switch from air to air mode the TGT you select TGT cause you lock up contact even you not in rader page at all Easy to reproduce: SP/MP(both ways) ME place a hornet in air(start any altitude) Place like 1 to 4 contacts at any altitude Place a waypoint 1 in front of contacts around 50+nm Play See on track Air to air mode then switch back to Nav mode then go to HSI then pick way point one and select WPDSG and note rader lock up contacts Track TGT Lock up contact after use Air to air Mode Once.trk
  4. Can confirm here too I test fire two F then switch to E and can't find a laser(I set it to 1688 to E and Tpod was also same laser code) Track Laser Mav broke after Two IRMav Fire.trk
  5. Yes please we really need more Soviet/Russia/China RedFor..
  6. 1+ yes we need em we need select parking spot on our carrier just like land base we have
  7. yes I wanna all those bug on hornets need to go away(I know there will be new bugs coming our way)
  8. MrNewLife

    UFC Menus

    1+ I'm in seen useful features :)
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