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  1. Actually, I'm pretty sure there is something relative to the nazis behind the moon... Saw that in a documentary...
  2. Indeed, same for me!! So excited to discover this new campaign! I love your creations so much for their awesome stories, so realistic, immersive and fun! Keep up the amazing work!
  3. Hi all, That's exactly my experience as well... Even with reduced settings, can't get it work smoothly over lands. Every other map is butter smooth, so for me Marianas is unusable in VR so far.
  4. That's an amazing bank for the buck, IMO... But already sold out!
  5. Hi Patrey, Have you disabled the device hotplug in the options? It used to do some strange unwanted things to me too (like starting the APU while flying)...
  6. Hi, I've already seen that, but it's not consistent, seems to be related to a certain weather coverage and/or light conditions may be... I hadn't had the chance to dig into it, sorry. Most of the time, it's fine.
  7. Oh yes, you're right, thanks!! No need to manually put an entry in registry anymore...
  8. Hi all, I just "upgraded" to Win11 and didn't notice any impact on perfs (my rig specs are in my sig.) But pay attention, when switching to Win11, HAGS went active by default and I also had to disable again the virtual monitor pre-allocation (not sure if it is still needed though...)
  9. Is it useable with glasses, since my prescription is -2.25 and -2.75 ? Otherwise I guess it should look a bit blurry...
  10. Oh man, you're right!! I watched the HMCS video again, it's at 1:18!!
  11. Hi Darpa, I don't think you were lucky, Reverb G2 here and coming from RiftS. Oculus headsets are the best for sweet spot concern (except Pimax ones, but I've never tried...) particularly for fresnel lenses. The first time I put on the G2, I was a bit shocked by the smaller sweet spot. Now, I got used to it, it's not that terrible. But still, good sweet spot and controller tracking are the only two things I miss from the RiftS. The G2 is far superior in every other aspects.
  12. I would say, let's be patient and look at those pictures from the Marianas release video: As well as the introduction of F-16 Jdam by Wags: Seems like they're cooking some great improvements to water rendering with less reflections, more realistic. This shouldn't take too long since it already appears in their videos.
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