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  1. I have the 3070 with 8gb of vram. Reducing the "textures" to medium fixed my stuttering problems that would come up after too many external view switches. Better frames too. FYI, one thing I noticed when the problem started is my GPU would be pegged near 100%, and even backing out to the main menu the GPU would be stuck at 60% or more. Only resolved by closing DCS and waiting 30 seconds. (Even the oculus home screen was stuttering until DCS closed completely) I don't think I've run into that problem with the lower texture setting.
  2. You can leave terrain textures high, but set regular textures to medium.
  3. Try setting textures to medium. Really.
  4. I turned textures down from high to medium which seems to have resolved the problem for me. I wouldn't think I should have to do that with a 3070 card.
  5. Are these things meant to kill soft targets?
  6. Reduce collective to bring them back online. I'm guessing voltages dipped too much.
  7. Doesn't happen in the huey either. It does happen in the mi8 to some extent, which is probably because they copied the flight model and tweaked it.
  8. What I can say is I've had this effect on my remote control helicopter when I installed modified paddles which were lighter, to reduce stability and increase responsiveness. Flying in FFF I experienced a sudden pitch up to 90 degrees. I'm skeptical that these flight reponses would be left designed into a real helicopter though.
  9. I've had the roll-over effect, but what I'm talking about is less than 300kph. Pull up on the elevator and reduce collective to slow down, and it pitches up to 90 degrees uncommanded.
  10. What about the tendencies to violently pitch up in fast forward flight?
  11. There's no gun pod / rocket preset so you're stuck with either guns and grenades or rockets and grenades. I find grenades next to useless, so this is disappointing.
  12. You can switch seats in the Gazelle in MP.
  13. If I have 4 rocket pods, they all fire. If I have a gun pod on the inner pylon and rockets on the middle, the rockets won't fire. If I have rockets on the inner pylon and grenade launcher on the middle pylon, both work fine. So rockets won't fire on the middle pylon unless rockets are also on the inner pylon.
  14. The issue is that the first person view is not aligned with the sights so there's no way to aim other than shoot and see where it goes.
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