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  1. So he was....inverted.....I'm so sorry. I'll see myself out......:D Thanks for the read Vic!
  2. Oh come one Father Cool, lasing in a Tomcat or any plane for that matter is for rookies. :D Load up some Snakeyes, hit the deck screaming at 550kts, dump them off and get the hell out of dodge.....fighter pilots make movies, bomber pilots make history. :)
  3. I think we need to start a new thread called Scotch and whisky or whiskey.....
  4. I saw thing movie once with F-14s.....and...Ill shut up. I couldn't resist. :D
  5. I had RIO on the brain when I should of said NFO Homefries. I was too busy chuckling about the pilot abuse....:D
  6. Must be the former RIO in Homefries coming out. :D
  7. So you're officially retired for the last time? Fridays are Glenmorangie 18 for me. Break break.....the gloves vanes are irrelevant so let it the **** go everyone....its the throttles on the starboard side I'm concerned about.....:D
  8. I wish I could do VR....eyes are to ****ed up. So Track IR works well. But I do envy you guys who can do it.
  9. Well duh....it always works with the chicks and you must wear a leather jacket with a Hawaiian shirt under. Aviator glasses are absolutely mandatory. :D
  10. Well I can appreciate you not revealing all the secrets to this beast. I have a list of questions I have been wanting to ask in regards to flying the Tomcat but in the end I have been reading your posts, watching videos and figuring it out for myself. I am having more fun doing it that way. I do appreciate the time you spend here. So basically as you said about learning, I'm being quiet, listening and keeping the questions to a minimum. :)
  11. Victory205 your post reminded me of something. I did 20 years in the Air Force, 4 different AFSCs (what you call rates) one of them had me working in AWACS for a time. We were talking intercepts with some fighter jocks on a simming forum and sure enough the armchair simming "experts" where telling us how to run them "correctly". We were dumbfounded. I had to ask "Have any of you actually seen or been in an E-3?" Their answer was, no....at that point Flip (retired albino driver) just said he was done and left the conversation. Most of these back room simmers haven't even seen most of these planes they are "experts" on. To take it one step further we had a guy who was a huge F-4 fan. A walking encyclopedia of F-4 knowledge, and he had the audacity to tell a former F-4 pilot who flew in Vietnam, that he was flying it wrong. It is great if they have passion for their hobby. I'm an aviation nut....and yes I love the Tomcat....even though I was Air Force. But I would never have the unmitigated gaul to tell an actual fighter pilot his job.
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