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  1. How do I get jester to input manual coordinates?
  2. I have my gun trigger to 1 and 2. When I press my POV 4 button to the right it is 1 and left is 2. Not sure what is causing these two to conflict
  3. I have the VKB MCG Pro. I have got my top POV to work as a 4 way button but the main ministick on left only is recognized as axis still. I want to map it 4 way as well for my DMS for the A10.
  4. Why when I try and drop either my gbu 38 or gbu 54 that I get a abort launch when I try and pickle? I have CCRP set, target is set as point and as SPI. I had a bomb fall line but when I tried dropping I got the abort launch warning.
  5. Can somebody tell me how to place the helo or helos on the waist cats of the SC? Right now it defaults to the bow
  6. Is there a way to set the detonation height for the mk 20’s or is there just a default? I didn’t see anything in the knee board.
  7. I’m having a problem with the S4 hat binds. When I press down I get the QSNO but no Code-/Gain- when I push I don’t get anything. Press I get Declutter but no Lase Auto/Man/MGC. Right I get QDES but no digit right/level +. Up I get QHUD but no code +/ gain +. I have done it on the ground since laser code can only be changed on the ground. When I pull trigger to lock moving target in point mode and then hit QDES it goes back to the previous spot but doesn’t stay locked on the target moving. Laser is armed and when I try to change auto lase, nothing happens. I can’t get bomb fall line either even though I have the info including countdown to drop. Please help.
  8. Can I drop on a moving ship? Is there a video anywhere that would show this?
  9. I hope it comes out in the near future
  10. Will there be wands added to the yellow shirts and shooter? Would be a much more realistic night ops.
  11. What’s the best Phoenix to choose?
  12. I was flying on TTI server. I don’t know even why it was case 2-3 because it was mid day with no clouds. All I had was inbound,established and commencing. Tower made the call about see at 10 but no option for that either. I guess I could see it on the knee board in the cat to see what wire I caught. Sometimes jester will call it out. Does me no good though since there is no tool to see landing stats.
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