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  1. Strange effect when flying at night and in rainy conditions (standard Overcast/Rain 3) When light is shining directly into rain there are tiny 2d clouds that seem to fall down and through the surface of the map? Looks like its snowing clouds for want of a better description. When the light is off(searchlight/landing lights etc) they are no longer visible.
  2. Just downloaded this on recommendation of Tactical Pascale and absolutely loving it, finally something enjoyable to do with Helo Ops, especially as im primarily a Huey troop/cargo pilot Just a quick question regarding troop pick up zones and smoke. Tried the first Caucasus mission from Batumi using default settings and wondered if there was only the one troop pickup zone there as capturing Alpha and Bravo I had to go all the way back each time? Is this set somewhere so there are more pickup zones or can you pick up already deployed troops?
  3. No worries, i did wonder, thinking id missed something glaringly obvious in settings
  4. Thats the Apache, this is for the Huey, which doesnt have those options
  5. Bit confused, what section is CPG in? As far as I can see there is only one Zoom View setting within Axis Assign and Axis Tune?
  6. Hi Just noticed (again very minor) but i have TM Warthog throttle slider to Zoom View in settings, with Curve and Sauration etc all set up. However, the amount of forward zoom from Pilot seat (1) to Co-Pilot seat (2) is different - It essentially doesnt zoom as far when in the Co-Pilot seat, and no control settings were changed. Not that important but I have noticed it when swapping positions
  7. Just a quick question relating to the Utility. Is there functionality within the Utility to run DCS using certain graphic settings for VR and non VR at launch. I have 3 presets within the sim that ive got for "VR", "non VR" and "Screenshots". Im curious where in the utility i can set which of these graphic presets in sim to run before lauching DCS. I know there are "Presets" in the Utility but I`ve assumed that these refer to the Utility settings themselves(having specfici modules loading for example) and not in sim graphic settings? Is there a way to set the Utility to launch using my in sim settings? If its there im not seeing it so apologies.
  8. Makes sense I suppose, just assumed it would be the other way, 2.5 would require less file size than 2.7. As it stands 2.5.6 needs 337GB (removing Marianas of course) May give this a miss then, as it would involve major hard drive deleting and ages downloading all the updated files which I was trying to avoid.
  9. Thanks for the replies, however, when using updater.exe in CMD prompt to revert back to 2.5.6 its saying I need 87 GB worth of updates (I've already copied 2.7 OB with everything in it, 257GB, renaming it 2.5 Stable - all terrains and modules are installed in game under Module Manager) - not sure why I need to redownload 87 GB or what that would even be? Any ideas?
  10. Hi, I`ve got the DCS Updater Utility by Skatezilla but to be honest havent really used it. I`m currently using OB 2.7(the current OB build) but have been toying with having an older stable install as well for comparison. Im wondering if its possible to install 2.5.6 for example using the updater? Is it an easy thing to do without affecting my main OB install? And how do I know what the 2.5.6.xxxxxx is for the last stable build? Is it possible to copy across the files I already have on OB 2.7(modules and terrains etc) to the new install rather than downloading large amounts of GB again?
  11. Be nice to have the FARP textures updated that allows them to be used in other environments better (deserts for example - in Nevada, PG and Syria the big green low res texture kind of looks out of place)
  12. Hi I`m guessing this has already been reported before by other users but is there any word yet on improvements to the smoke and particle effects that cause huge FPS drops (for me its 60 to 30). It makes it impossible to use gun/rocket/cluster munitons runs in any plane, especially bad in the Huey with mini guns.Im primarily a ground pounder and this is pretty much the bread and butter of these modules. In addition, any vehicle that is burning after damage causes huge drops too, compounded when mission makers place numerous huge smoke stacks across the maps for immersion. Even allowing us to turn them down/off/reduce the complexity of them in the settings like we can with clouds would help? If im destroying 10+ vehicles in a convoy for example, each burning wreck adds to the slow down. Its certainly the smoke as when looking elsewhere my FPS is back to fluid 60. I look at the wrecks it drops to 30 (I`m running vsync so thats why it cuts in half. Ive tried no vsync and there is still a terrible lag and stutter when looking at smoke)
  13. Hi Like most users who need to tweak thier graphic settings depending on what they are doing (High Altitude CAP/Low Level Helos & Combined Arms/Syria Settings etc) it would be nice to have more Custom Presets available in the Graphic Settings. Plus the ability to name them would be very nice addition as well. This would allow us to quickly switch as im sure everyone has certain times where they need to change settings on the fly
  14. Yeh its been an issue for some time and very dependent on high winds. They can get crazy stupid as you can see. What I have noticed though is that its only affecting vehicles that are "cooking off". When they finally pop (where they become a non solid asset and you can pass through them) the issue goes away as I assume a new smoke stack is generated?(the colour is different too) Non cooking off smoke does not affect FPS. The cooking off smoke kills FPS due to the size of it, im guessing. Really wish ED implemented a slider for smoke and cluster/particle effects as these really are killing FPS for me across the board. Id be happy for them to be turned off completely on my system (even with the knock on effect on "immersion")
  15. There is a problem then with this mission as no TPOD is given
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