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  1. Actually, you're right. In fact planes are usually built with a large safety margin, say 1.5 or even 2. Which means we should be able to pull around 50Gs before starting to see problems in the aircraft
  2. Hello, it has come to my ears that the F-15 once pulled 40Gs and not only just survived, it could fly perfectly fine. This clearly means that the DCS F-15's G limit has to be bumped up to 40Gs. After all, we don't care about airframe life and all our planes are factory new. This limit isn't just reallistic, it's also reasonable and based on actual pilot experience. Please ED, make it happen!
  3. Hi Aerges, I've been wondering what will be the weapons available to the Mirage F1. I guess each variant (if they're still happening) may have its own loadout chart, but will that loadout chart be limited to what Spain had or will it be expanded to include other weapons that Spain didn't have? Could we get a list of the planned weapons?
  4. That'd definitely be a welcome addition. I can't help but think their skins don't really look up to standard. Also the Su-25T hurts to see
  5. Hello, I've been wondering if there're any MiG-29 pilots in DCS that could shed some insight into the plane. I'd love to hear about their experience and eventually comment on the upcoming FF module, and who knows maybe even do some tutorials or something like that!
  6. Thanks for posting, Rudel! For the sake of completeness, could you add which squadrons use the MiG-29 and where are they posted within Iran? I think that would also be helpful for mission builders. Although I recall doing some surface-level search and see that most of them are based around Teheran... so not exactly in the PG area
  7. We can clearly see there're 2 types of people playing DCS: those who all they want is capabilities to better strip clean whole maps in a single sortie, and those who care about realism and the more "simulator" aspects of the game. It's actually sad to see to whom Eagle Dynamics is starting to cater now. I personally fly in DCS for the prospect of flying a reallistic depiction of a certain aircraft. Sure, having Iglas would be nice. Sure, having FLIR would be nice. Sure, having Amraams would be nice. But if those are going to be unreallistic, fantasy add-ons glued to the airframe just to make it more capable for capabilities or sales, then don't count with me on that one. If I wanted to have a power fantasy I'd go play War Thunder or Ace Combat, DCS simply isn't that. And now we're having that pushed down our throats, and judging by how ED handles the Datalink and JHMCS on the Hornet and the Viper to adapt them to scenarios in which they didn't have them (ie: they don't), we can only assume the 3rd pylons are going to be a permanent attachment and all that. So yeah, a net negative to DCS in my opinion. I hope we get Amraams, JDAMs and JSOWs on the Apache too.
  8. At least back then it didn't have that third pylon... I don't remember asking for them, but let's say I did. This being a simulator (or at least a game that tries to represent *real* aircraft in a *reallistic* way), if the Ka-50 couldn't use Iglas then it can't get them no matter how hard people asks for them. I haven't seen anything actually saying that it can mount them, let alone use them. EDIT: It'd be a different matter if it could mount them and use them but ED chose to not add them (for example the tandem bomb racks in the MiG-29 9.13S).
  9. Yay, the BS3 is going to be a 100% fantasy module! I wonder why ED doesn't give it a radar, FLIR, Hellfires, Amraams, JDAMs, JSOWs, CBU-107s, Meteors, AIM-260s, SLAM-ER, Triple Mavs in every station and HARMs everywhere. Now that it's basically fantasy why not go the extra mile? People would love to get the SUPER CAPABLE KILLING MACHINE that the BS3 can become. So yeah hard pass on this, good job ED
  10. I'm actually tempted to preorder it. Do we know if the preorder will come to Steam?
  11. Hello, I'd like to know what's the current status of the manual, and if it'd be possible to make it available before the module's release if it's ready.
  12. That super-vague law has already killed the BS3, and it will kill the MiG-29 if ED decides to actually try to make it. I think it's useless to keep hoping to get more modern Russian aircraft from ED, it looks like it'll be basically impossible. At least we're getting the now defunct Mi-24. Thank the Apache for its death. But I guess it could only go that way.
  13. Maybe not whatever the Apache has, but I think most people asking for a movable gun turret in the Mi-24 are asking for it because otherwise the Hind wouldn't be similar enough to the ultimate attack helicopter, the Apache. And that's not good.
  14. Too bad. Because the Apache has that beloved gun turret and the Hind doesn't.
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